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Sunday, March 31, 2013 7:55 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Laura Cerwinske


The Cup of Guidance or Honor the Bleeding Woman
gouache, adhesive glitter, photograph printed on paper


We dream in narrative, remember, anticipate, hope, despair, believe, doubt, plan, revise, criticize, construct gossip, learn, hate and love by narration. The Story, Our Story, is what's left. The Story is the destination. The Story is everything in between.

Humans, as conscious beings, are meant to live conscious lives, aware of our every feeling and response-whether painful or pleasurable, conventional or unconventional, pious or irreverent, constructive or destructive-uninhibited by the proscriptions of culture, religion, personal beliefs, or family values. We feel what we feel. Period. And that is neither good nor bad. How we respond to our feelings is another matter.

To retain or regain awareness of feeling is to develop power. To deny or bury feeling is to diminish power and choice: the choice of whether to act on a feeling or not, and if so, how.

The freedom to be conscious of our negative emotions without acting on them leads to a full emotional life, a fully present life, a healed and healthy life. We cannot be scared, angry, bored, or sad when we are living totally in the present. We are healed when we no longer hate or distrust what we feel.

Such processes as Radical Writing intensify our abilities to sense how and where our subconscious minds affect our physical bodies. This spontaneous approach to writing opens doors to expression and identifies energetic leaks in the spirit and psyche, allowing us to heal internally and externally.

Whereas psychology tends to focus on the questions of "why" and "how," RADICAL WRITING applies the questions of classic storytelling: What happened? Where and when did it happen? Under what circumstances did it happen? It also asks: Where in my body do I harbor the memory? What is my pattern of response? What do I want the picture of my life to look like? What stands in the way of materializing it? Am I willing and ready for that manifestation? Am I willing to take total responsibility for my own power?

Personal power requires far more responsibility than is required to live in unquestioned accordance with cultural, religious, and family training. Therefore, it is one thing to say we desire more power in our lives and quite another to accept the changes that power will inevitably cause.

Only we ourselves can determine the weight of history or the measure of responsibility we are willing to bear. At certain times, we simply may not have the strength to endure the pain of a particular recollection or discovery. Honoring our limits is one way of accepting responsibility for our power.

Resistance to acknowledging our own negativity and emotions often comes from our fear of their power. The more intensely we've kept negative thoughts and feelings under control, the more we are likely to fear that their exposure might obliterate our self-control, precipitating unstoppable rage, depression, or mania.

We might well fear that our anguish will be unending or our pain will cause suffering to others. We might discover our inner resources to be inadequate-a terrible blow to the ego.

In truth, suppression of negative feelings provides only the illusion of control. When we freely express our thoughts, we relinquish illusion and release our anguish. When we acknowledge our passions and fears, we liberate ourselves from the physical, emotional, and spiritual tyranny of unhealed wounds.


Laura Cerwinske, writer, artist, and publisher, is the founder of Blue Hair Lady Publishing (www.bluehairlady.com) which produces books and art that reveal the joyful intensity of Creativity.

Her publications are excursions through the secrets of transformation, weaving memoir and mythology, metaphysics and art, quantum thought and healing.

She also teaches two online courses in self-exploration: Radical Writing, 15-minutes-a-day to Creative Liberation (www.radicalwriting.com) and Recomposing the Mother/Daughter Bond or How I Survived My Mother and Lived to Teach the Tale and Love Her. Laura is the author of more than 25 books.


Laura Cerwinske is an artist, writer, publisher, and creator of Radical Writing. Her work is based on principles of the Wise Woman tradition, which she studied with Susun Weed in 1980. She has been a student of spiritual practice for more than thirty-five years and is the author of more than 20 books on art and creativity.

Her publishing enterprise, Blue Hair Lady Publishing, produces books and art that reveal the joyful intensity of Creative power. Her online course, Radical Writing, combines the awareness training of A Course in Miracles with a shamanic approach to writing, art, and incantation. Laura’s extensive body of art includes paintings and sculpture that likewise express her belief in beauty as a transformative power.

Laura is an ayabo of Lukumi, a Yoruba form of nature worship, and a daughter of Ochun. She has been a follower of Prem Rawat (also known as Guru Maharaji) for nearly four decades.


~Recomposing the Mother-Daughter Bond~
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Whether you are the mother or the daughter, your bond with one another is typically complex. This course is for those who desire to recompose the emotional/metaphysical field that defines that bond. Even if your mother/daughter is not physically a part of your life or has passed away, your bond remains energetically/psychologically at play.


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