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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 2:20 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
by Sheryl WoLover

I am so fortunate to be here today and share my story of Yoga. The ancient rhythms of Yoga  untie us with ourselves.  These rhythms explore feelings, emotions and tell stories.

Story telling is as old as the language of mankind. Long before there was the written word, stories were used to pass information from person to person, tribe to tribe, generation to generation. Stories are a flowing description of the human condition. Most importantly, stories are the glue that hold cultures together.  They teach values, morals and show people how to live.

One morning as I was walking along the awesome Dungeness River with my dog Majic, I was gifted a unique sequence of Yoga poses joined together by an easy to remember story. This experience seemed to come from thin air.

I believe that thoughts are energy, so from the grand energy “The Journey” was born. It’s a story which seamlessly links a series of poses, which adds a unique way of connecting  the poses together. We live this story, participate in the telling of it through our movements, imagination and through our  breathing.

In the story “The Journey” the warrior (symbolizing the self) travels with a dog (symbolizing devotion) .  From the mountain top the two embark down to the valley below to visit a wise friend. Along the way the warrior and dog  travel along steep paths  and encounter obstacles whether challenging or beautiful.   In this yoga story we are able to transform our self from the rooted tree into the powerful eagle or transform our self from an arching bridge into a fish swimming effortlessly .

The story is full of adventure all symbolizing many of the trials and tribulations and adventures within our daily lives.  Each of these  poses are done with intent and focus.  Learn a beautiful flow of poses and be swept away on a journey that  takes you away from the  clutter of the busy mind and body.  In this story explore deepen and expand your steadiness and strength.  With an easy to remember story  my hope is that your home practice becomes possible.

Filmed in the Pacific North West the poses reflect animals and scenes native to the Olympic Peninsula.

Where ever you are in your Yoga practice you will enjoy this new style of practicing the rhythms of Yoga ~

I hope to be on video next month as we explore seated positions, hand madras. Why do Yogis say Nameste and what does this mean?

Join me in the months to come and we will share this Yoga journey together.

“Dreams create the Journey“.

OM *=Oceans + Mountains^^^^ of Peace, Sheryl Wolover

Sheryl (2) (1)Sheryl WoLover is native to the Pacific North West on the Olympic Peninsula~
Mother of two children Mariah Trineen 29 and Bridger Weston 26 raised with Susun Weed's herbal infusions~
I became a Massage Therapist in 1980 and still have a strong practice with my own business called Pacific Elements~
A Personal Strength Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine in 1999~
YOGA Teacher training program in 2003 and this is where I found a fabulous part of me! Creator of Yoga Legends...stories that link poses together~
Jim and I live at Lake Leland Washington~ We have a small herd of cattle, 2 horses, 3 dogs, 1 old cat, 1 pig, chickens~ Another passion of mine is gardening, canning and gathering herbs for making medicine~

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