Celebrating the Fire Goddess Within Me!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 2:33 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Celebrating the Fire Goddess Within Me!
Part One
by Melissa Potter

Fire as Creativity and Joy

I look at the Spirit of Joy and Love as my Creative Fire Within.  It is a passionate flame of energy that fills my body.  I use this energy to create a life that I love to live in.  For me, it's filled with books, spiritual studies and delving into my psyche through dreams, astrology and ritual.

It is filled with visits with family and friends, raising my son, watching him grow, keeping my home cozy, eating good food and spending time in nature.  I love symbolism and stories and exploring the sacred mysteries of the Underworld; the hidden aspects of others and myself. Teaching feeds my fire more than anything!

Creativity is likened to the element of fire because creativity, like fire, is contagious, passionate, and untamed.  It dances! It spreads up and out, wide and far; and this is how I feel when I create something I love.  Our soul and heart soars wildly in the winds of joy when we make something out of nothing.  

This something can be a home-cooked meal, a garden, a letter to our daughter.  It can be the table set beautifully, the piece of pottery, the painting. It can be the way you string just the right words together to give your neighbor hope, or an old-time tune you whistle on the way to do laundry.  Everyone is creative! It is life affirming, life giving, energy raising, and joy-producing, to feel alive! Just, plain, alive and living and making life feel like we want it to feel.

(There really is a spiritual, dimmer-switch that we can turn up brighter and brighter when we feel like things are getting a little bit, too dark and gloomy!)

Fire as Love

Fire is associated with our Heart Center; with Love itself.  Many artistic depictions of the Divine Mother show her heart surrounded by flames of love.  We understand, through this artwork that Her love is radiating out to us in compassion and support. I receive this fire of heart-warming love, compassion and support by connecting, in prayer and gratitude, on a daily basis, to Spirit.

Connecting to Creator reminds me that I am a part of The Source of our Universe. This fire in my heart heals and warms me. The radiance from this love-light heals, inspires and nurtures those around me, in turn.  Reaching out to people in need is a way in which I can share this warmth like a torch of love and light passed around my community.  I've learned that, "I have to give it away, to keep it!"

The Guiding Light of Intuition

The intuition and heart work hand in hand. Intuition speaks on behalf of my heart; the source of happiness, love and fulfillment. It is the light that guides me onward. Listening to myself about where I'm most happy, and listening to my intuition guiding me toward that happiness, I will arrive in the places, with the people, doing the things, I am meant to be doing.  Before I know it, there is a wildfire of glowing joy spreading through my Heartland.

Intuition, also connected, through time, to the element of fire, is like a spark.  Sparks, when fanned by the winds of thought, attention and trust, have the capacity to explode into creative visions that, if heeded, will bring me joy. When I follow the voice of my intuition, I'll be led to the next, right step I am supposed to take.   

Feeding the Fire, Tending the Flame and Gratitude

When I'm tending my own, inner fire, through expressing myself, through surrounding myself with people, events, activities and thoughts that are healing and joyful for me, I'm sustained and nurtured by the life I've built around me.  It makes me feel so grateful.  Life shines and dances around me like a candle, lit at suppertime, to remind me of the blessings in my life.

The term, Feed the Fire is relevant when we think of this creative, heart-love-light fire, within us.  This fire within must be fed in order to thrive just as surely as logs must be placed on a fire to keep it hot.  Creativity and love must be nurtured or the flames of my heart will reduce to coals and eventually burn out altogether; with only ashes, remaining.  During these times I feel that I am in a Dark Night of the Soul; light-less, hopeless, dried up and vulnerable to any strong wind that rises around me.  

When I'm in this stuck, lost place, I'm like a seed in the dark, moist earth.  As a seed, I am resting. I need to be watered in order to break free from this darkness, into the light, of the sun. This water comes from the emotional realm of myself. My tears and grief, my anger and rage, are the emotions I need to feel and express to free up my heart and body for more life-affirming tasks.   

When I express how I am feeling, vast amounts of energy that has been trapped within the stuck emotions, is released.  I feel a rush of relief that is like clean, clear water flowing through my body.  These waters, in turn, pour onto the sleeping seeds within me and they burst open! I push myself up through the dark earth into the light. My heart and it's many hidden sparks of light, ignite!  

So, when I feel surrounded by darkness, when the light of love and passion for living feels lost, I ask myself, "What do I need to feel right now?"   

When I feel these feelings, I become lighter.

Melissa Potter

Melissa Potter lives in New Hampshire with her 16-year old son, her greatest joy and their cat, Jack. She loves the earth and all its elements; loves to camp, kayak, swim, visit the mountains and to gather with friends and family for good food and conversation. She also loves exploring-adventures, music, libraries, bookstores and the theater.

Connecting to nature has been a joyful and deepening source of strength, beauty and sustenance for Melissa. This honoring of Mother Earth and her devotion to holistic healing led her to the joyous and rewarding journey of studying and using herbal medicine and aromatherapy as well. Life is a magical, beautiful and aromatic adventure when surrounded by pure essential oils and colorful, healing plants!

Her passions are writing for the joy of writing, inspiring others and doing service work. Creating venues to share her experience, strength and hope is extremely rewarding to her. She loves exploring the Divine Feminine through myths, archetypes and ritual and is deeply in love with creating altars and sacred space for healing and celebration.

Her latest passions are astrology, working toward her degree in Counseling Psychology and the opportunity to serve as a mentor at Wise Woman University!

Melissa graduated from the NH Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 1993 where she studied various forms of alternative healing. She offers craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release work, ceremony, Astrological and Spiritual Counseling in her private practice at MotherRoots Healing Arts.

Although Melissa has studied with many wonderful and wise teachers throughout the last twenty six years, many of her most profound teachings have come from the everyday women and men who have inspired her with their own life stories. For this she is eternally grateful. And to all of the women who’s tables she has sat around sharing cups of tea, potluck meals, stories and laughter ~ she is also grateful ~ for these are the intuitive, soulful Wise Woman ways that infuse us with the very deepest teachings about ourselves, each other and the world around us on our journey through life.

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