Bebe Baby!

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Bebe Baby!
Part 1
by Nora Beeman

I want to share an experience I had when my five year old cockatiel decided it was time to lay eggs. We are an unexpected family of five. Having babies was not really intentional but it happened much to my surprise.

Late November BeBe, one of the babies started acting strangely. I kept notes and have pasted them below. It was quite an experience. Herbs/Reiki and blind faith to the rescue!

November 27 Friday BeBe has been trashing the papers on the floor of her cage lately….cooing to Nikki (her brother) a lot. She’s five years old and has never even thought about laying an egg until now. Josie (her mother) did these same things before she started laying eggs…oh, Goddess!. But BeBe was born with a calcium deficiency and I am a little concerned. BeBe is a voracious eater though and probably gets enough of what she needs nutritionally. She is for all intent and purposes an eating machine.10:00 p.m. BeBe lays a small egg on the floor of her cage and pays no attention to it! I find it by accident. It is very small not the typical size egg of a cockatiel. Holy crow.

November 28, 2009 Sat.
Bebe looks sort of poopy and I guess if she is to lay another egg it will be Sunday.

November 29, 2009 Sun. BeBe lays second egg in evening and it is so tiny! Does she have narrow tubing? I hope there are no more eggs. Unfortunately I have missed her laying these eggs. She looks tired now.

November 30, 2009 Mon. BeBe poopy and did not eat a lot today. I guess she is going to lay another egg. Sigh.

December 1, 2009 Tues. When BeBe and Josie are out and I notice BeBe flies up to south window rod and she keeps shifting her wings, over and over, and over. I assume that maybe she has hit one somehow and it’s sore. She is doing everything else just fine but has some quick breathing. Later that night I see that BeBe’s breathing is still quick and I am getting concerned.

I put eucalyptus essential oil on a tissue and put it on top of her cage under the shirt I use to cover her with at night. Just in case she is coming down with something. Maybe she will have laid that egg by morning and stop breathing this way. She did with the last two eggs.

December 2, 2009 Wed. I inspect Bebe and she still has quick breathing and looks downtrodden. I lift her out of the cage and immediately know we are in trouble. She feels way too light- like her life force is leaving her. I notice she has not eaten and feels weak. I call Michael at work and tell him we are in trouble and Bebe has to go into the hospital NOW. He makes arrangements to leave work and I make the appointment for 1:00….can not get in sooner.

She is losing ground quickly and I wonder if she will even make it to the vet’s. It is raining cats and dogs out. We get to the hospital and she is seen quickly. The tech wants to do the usual check but I ask if we can skip it and just get to some immediate care. He says he needs to see if she is stable and I tell him she is not. He leaves to get the vet. She looks at BeBe and suggests putting her on oxygen. BeBe goes into the back room to be put on oxygen.

Doc talks to me and says she really doubts that anything she can do for BeBe will help her as she is too far gone. She is egg bound. She can feel the small egg and it is in the right position but stuck.

I should make her as comfy as I can. I could also consider euthanasia. I can not do that yet. Without saying there is no hope she is saying there is no hope. I ask that things be done anyway. I want her hydrated, and fed vitamins. Doc recommends calcium and vitamin D along with fluids. Then she wants me to hand feed her with a syringe/pipette 3cc every 8 hours of food formula, 0.1 cc of calcium every 24 hours, and 0.10cc of antibiotic every 24 hours for 14 days. (Not likely). I take home the medicine anyway.

We go back to look at BeBe and talk more. BeBe is in a tank with oxygen looking dead. When it comes time to give her the shot I leave. Ever since the time Josie got those two antibiotic shots in her breast and screamed I can not be present. I can still hear her scream. I almost lost her then too but not from being egg bound! We never did figure that one out (different vet).

Doc tells me to leave BeBe in a dark place that is quiet when I get home. I tell her BeBe has never been in the dark so she says o.k. to leave her in an environment that is quiet, warm and dim. When I hand feed her just do it and then let her be. No cuddling or extra holding as it will stress her more. It all sounds simple enough.

We get home and I put a wooden tray table in my bath room as it is small and very warm in there. I put the heating pad under the small cage I brought her to the vet in. I dim the lights. Blast the shower to increase the humidity. I know birds that lay eggs need humidity. BeBe is totally out of it. I keep the blue shirt she is used to over her cage and just leave a peek hole so I can see in without disturbing her.

I position her in a washcloth so that her wings are tucked, feet are under her and chin is on rim of the cloth. She can not stand, can not hold up her head, has no foot control, has breathing so shallow you have to strain to see it, her eyes are closed, and she looks dead. I leave and try to concentrate on other things but I can not.

I go into check on her. I see that BeBe has flailed and realize she may be better off in her own larger cage. It may help protect her some. I get her cage, take everything out and make it suitable for her and her flailing. I guess the flailing in continual periodic pain. It’s awful to see. As if she is possessed by some demon.

I am back again in 20 minutes max. She has moved, flopped into another position and looks miserable. She is dying. How long will this take? My heart is aching. I am worried about her wings getting hurt or even broken. I rearrange her again. I come back every 20 minutes and find the same thing over and over, and over and do the same thing over and over. I keep turning on the shower when the humidity seems too low. I also have a thermometer in the bath room and it is reading between 83-85*. That is good. Her little body never feels warm enough though. I also clean her little vent with Calendula oil and a Q-Tip. I do this often. I am on a constant vigil.

I don’t care what the vet said, the bird is dying. I don’t want her to be alone like Lilly was when she died (and there was nothing wrong with her claimed the vet…a different vet). I think you have to make judgments according to personality types. Surely if I was this attentive and touchy feely with Nikki or Roo I would stress them to the max but not so with Josie, BeBe and probably Spike. I think it depends on the trust level the bird has with you.

I do my own thing with her. I see that she is comfy…as best I can. She is somewhere else –she is gone. I am watching as she dies a thousand times. It is gut wrenching. I decide to offer some water to her and use the pipette. She freaks out like I have stuck fire in her beak. Flailing about like she is on fire. It is frightening. Has her throat closed? I later try to feed her formula, just a spec and she does the same and starts uncontrollably shaking…is she is shock!? I’m in shock. This poor soul.

I am mad at everything but begging. I can not stand to see BeBe suffer so. Now she has graduated to flailing about and then stopping for about five minutes with her wings stretched out, her down to the floor, and her tail pushed up against the side of the cage. She is pushing, pushing, pushing with everything she has then she slumps and is motionless….wings stretched out, head down hardly breathing. Was that the end?.....

Look for Part Two next month!

Nora Beeman

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