The Language of Plants

Sunday, January 20, 2013 5:08 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
The Language of Plants
by  Kimberly Cedar Cat

We lost our memories of connectedness relatively recently in the span of human history, say the last 1000-1500 years.  Which seems like a long time, until you realize that humans have been on this planet for around 5 million years and the planet itself is thought to be at least 5 billion years old. At least according to the scientists.

Ancient wisdom survives with indigenous people around our planet, who have lived this wisdom for time beyond memory.  (That is, those who survive our endless, destructive push towards “civilization”.)  The ancient wisdom is a holistic, or perhaps more accurately, a “holographic” way of living.  The whole is contained in each part and each part is sacred.

We now know that everything in the Universe is actually made up of the same basic “stuff”.  We and the Universe are truly One!  We are All connected.   Our science is only as advanced as our technology and as science continues to improve its measuring devices, it is slowly catching up with the native peoples and their ancient wisdom.

All is energy and each plant and tree and stone and animal and insect is connected and makes up a sort of vast, universal “Being”.   Spiraling endlessly from the void and back again.  Spun by the energy of the yin-yang, darkness and light, never balanced, always in dynamic disequilibrium.  Everything is food and nourishment for something else.

The Wise Woman tradition helps us remember how to connect to the plants and their energy. They are sentient.  They respond to our words, thoughts and emotions.  They have auras, just like we do.   They are our green sisters!

Once you get to know them, you’ll have green allies wherever you go.   Some I know by their Latin names.  And yet, the science is only one dimension of the plant - that “straight-lines”, “rational” thinking dimension we’ve been stuck in for 1000 years.

Actually sitting with a plant: breathing with it, listening to your intuition, feeling it  - spiraling with it - that opens the door to our ancient memories.  The plant will give you her healing wisdom.  Shamanic Herbal Apprentices at the Wise Woman Center choose a Green Ally and develop a deep relationship with the plant without benefit of books.

She whispers her name softly, sometimes in languages unknown.  She reveals herself to you as a lover.  She speaks her healing truth for unique & beautiful you.  Find the voice of your Wise Healer Within.  Your own unique Truth Within.

Truth Within is sacred. It’s whole. It’s a positive energy that unifies and feeds the body and the mind. It helps you digest your food, digest your lessons, and move through your Earthwalk in a focused and positive manner.

Seneca Elder Twylah Hurd Nitsch, Grandmother Two Worlds

This is how plants talk to people around the planet.  Indigenous shamans, medicine women and men prove this out.   Consider that no matter how remote the location, nor how far apart these shamans might be, they will point to the exact same plant, and have the exact same medicinal uses for it!  Many times the names are quite similar.

They never had contact with the outside world, nor each other.  How can this be?  The plants told them!  And the plants will tell you, if you will only learn their language and be still and listen to your Wise Healer Within.  The one who understands Oneness and connection.

And guess what?  The plants also heal each other, in a vast interconnected web, akin to our own neural networks.  Scientists confirm that plants communicate with each other, nourish each other, heal each other.  Which only makes sense when you consider that some plants on the planet today have been here for 100 million years - far longer than humans.

So, do we think they were just hanging around, waiting for us humans to evolve?  Seems doubtful.  Everything is food and nourishment for something else.  We are all One, all energy, each vibrating at our own unique frequencies.

The Seneca Indians of the Northeast, one of the great peaceful Iroquois Nations, have a sort of “bill of rights”, which some say our founders used as a model for our own.  The difference is that theirs begins “All are created equal”.  ALL.  Not all men, not even all people, but ALL!

The sacredness of All and of each One provides us a deep connection and relationship to our planet and the other beings who live here.  Native American tribal wisdom contributed to the founding principles of the US Constitution.

White leaders watched the method of government that the Iroquois utilized and they learned union and democracy from it. Historians are now beginning to admit what they must have been aware of, that the government of the United States is not patterned after something across the ocean where there was a belief in the divine right of kings and where the people had no voice, but it is patterned after the government of the People of the Long House, where all people, including both men and women were respected and took a part in their government.”

Excerpt from The Effect of the Iroquois Constitution on the United States Constitution by
Janet L. Daly,  Fitchburg State College (1997)

If you’d like to learn more about how to work with plants to make and use simple, natural medicines, please contact me.  If I’m not in your geographic area – I live in the suburbs of New York City – then we can connect by phone, Skype or by email.  

I don’t have a magic green pill to sell you.  Wise Woman wisdom  empowers you to reclaim your health.  I will give you objective advice for healing your unique and beautiful self.  You can also sign up for one of my classes, either live online.

See my website at http://www.AncientMotherWisdom.com for more information and a calendar of upcoming live and online classes.

Please join me as we re-weave our ancient healing tapestries and remember who we really are.  Here’s to our Awakening to this simple fact: We are All One.  We are All Connected.  So talk to the plants, and listen.  Take 10 minutes each day and just breathe with your plant.  Each breath is a giveaway dance between you and the plant.  Soon you will be able to hear her and understand the language of plants, using your beautiful intuitive self.

Green Blessings,                                                                   

Kimberly Cedar Cat
Wise Woman herbalist & educator


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Kimberly Crail, MBA, CPA spent over two decades as a financial executive, working for corporations large and small.  In 2008 she began her transformation from corporate CFO into Wise Woman, Kimberly Cedar Cat, by completing a Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship with Susun S. Weed.

She is now a Wise Woman herbalist & educator and is devoted to empowering people to reclaim their health.  She lives in suburban Long Island, NY with her 3 cats.

Visit her at www.AncientMotherWisdom.com for more information and a calendar of upcoming live and online classes.

Kimberly exemplifies the Wise Woman Tradition. Her workshops nourish deeply, re-empower thoroughly, and help you reclaim your health!”

Susun S. Weed, author and herbalist.

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