Window to the Womb

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Womb Wonders and Baby Blessings

Window to the Womb
by Dr Jill Diana Chasse

There’s no window in your belly. No way to look inside and see what’s going on within your womb. You know your child is growing, developing and changing, but you may feel detached, or anxious to see your child’ s little hands and those chubby legs that are kicking your side.  Creating your own window into the womb, a window into your baby’s world and brand new life is a significant activity for early bonding and one that can help unwind and relax both of you.

Connecting with your child through visualization strengthens development and builds lasting bonds of love.  Seeing is something we do not only do with our eyes. We see with our heart, with our power of touch, and with our mind.  Pregnancy is a time when the amazing ability of human visualization can be utilized.

Did you ever see a commercial about breakfast and suddenly smell the coffee and taste the bacon?  How about when you’re driving to work and the radio announcer is talking about a trip to sunny Florida. Can’t you just feel the sun and hear the ocean? The human mind has absolutely amazing capabilities when it comes to visualization and imagination. Creating a mental picture of your child within your womb allows a stronger sense of connection and bonding.

Parenthood is a new stage of life and every change we make adds both challenge and excitement. Becoming more acquainted with a change allows emotional regulation and strength and coping mechanisms to assist. Developing a relationship with your baby before birth gives a mother more time to emotionally and psychologically adjust to that change of becoming a parent. Even with subsequent children, developing the relationship with each individual child and preparing for the change of an additional family member is vital.

This preparation is best done prenatally.  It is also best to use your senses when meeting your baby. Sing and talk to her, rub his back with your hands across your belly, and picture her little toes, tiny nose, and sweet tender head cradled soothingly within your womb. When using active visualization, meeting your child becomes a process, initiated early and gently.  In this introduction process, both mother and child grow together.

Designing your own window to your womb creates an opportunity to gently flow into parenthood with increased strength, understanding, harmony and of course, vision.

Jill Diana Chasse

Dr. Jill Diana Chasse is maternal/child public health practitioner, an author and a counselor. Jill has been working with the mother-baby dyad in birth and psychology for over 20 years.

She has studied midwifery at both Ancient Arts Midwifery Institute and Institute of Holistic Midwifery, holds Master's degrees in Psychology and Public Administration, and a Doctorate in Health Administration.  

Personally, she loves the ocean, skiing, horseback riding, and cuddling up with her kids, hot coffee and a good book in front of a fireplace on a snowy evening.

Currently, she works in public health for the federal government and teaches classes for the Childbearing Year at Wise Woman University, online, including the childbirth education method she founded, BEBE- Baby-Empowered Birthing Education.

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