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The Five-Minute Muse Monthly Column


by Sara Deutsch, M.S., Wise Woman Mentor
Facilitator of CREATIVE AUTOBIOGRAPHY-Telling Your Story
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To help you visualize or imagine the environment most nurturing for your creative awakening, take a  few moments to read the directions below.  Then, set a timer for 5 minutes  and  describe your fantasy.  Include as many details as possible in writing, and perhaps  a quick drawing.

  Your Fantasy Studio

Imagine creating  your own play studio or  creative sanctuary.  You have  abundant resources and can have anything you wish.  Where do you want it to  be?  Mountains,  beach,  desert,  the bottom of the ocean? Another planet?   Design your studio or retreat space.

Decorate and furnish your retreat with the  materials, colors, and  textures  you find most pleasing.  Listen to the sounds  or  silence of your environment.   Notice the smells. What are your feelings  as you  enter your space? Peace? Anticipation?  Expectation?  Fear?  Now, supply your  studio with the materials and tools  you want to use.

You can have inks, paints, musical instruments,  clay,  computers, food, fabrics, or anything else you choose. See yourself entering your creative space in a spirit of adventure,  play, openness, and self-acceptance.

Imagine yourself  experimenting,  expressing yourself,  following  your creative  impulses with  complete freedom from judgment; or, if fears or blocks come up--accepting and  expressing them.  See yourself at home in the sanctuary  you created where  there are no mistakes and it’s  safe to play  and explore the unknown.

Bring the Fantasy Down to Earth

Define the  essential,  important and frivolous elements of your fantasy. For  example, peace and quiet may be  essential;  a pink velvet couch in the form of  a cupped hand is probably not.

How does your fantasy space  compare with the   creative space you have available to you in your current environment?  How can  you make your real life conditions more like your  fantasy space?   How many essential elements of your fantasy situation can you bring into your real-life  situation? Act on the  intuitions and insights revealed by your fantasy.

You might, for  example, discover that you can make a corner of your bedroom into a play space. Or, you  may find that turning off phones and playing a  tape of ocean  waves  helps recreate the mood of  your fantasy studio.  

Preparing a nurturing  inner space begins with  a firm commitment to devote five minutes  each day to  some form of creative meditation,  whether you are happy or miserable, sick or well,  motivated or not.   It also involves a commitment to let  go of distractions and  expectations, and to  acknowledge and accept  all aspects of who you are.

Commit to Play!

Think of your creativity as water in a  rusty pump.  At first, there is resistance--the handle sticks and the water that comes out may be sparse and orange with rust.   But as frequent use loosens the rust, pumping becomes smoother and easier, and soon the water flows clear and abundantly.

You can release  your fountain of creativity by accepting everything that comes from you in the spirit of  interested detachment. No matter what happens, don’t stop!  Draw, paint, sing, sound through your feelings.


Five-Minute Magic

During a “freeflow writing” session, in a class called “Your Mind is Better than you Think!”, we  wrote as fast as we could for five  minutes,  no matter what, without stopping.  As the bell  rang, signaling the end of the five minute session,  a 55-year-old  retired  engineer stood up, “Where did this come from?” he demanded.

He read his three-page poem  about the universe,  the evolution of life and the awakening of the creative spirit.   He had never written a  poem before or thought much about such things. He had never written so fast and unfalteringly. How had he not known he was capable of such miracles?? Why had  he spent his whole life locked away  in only  one room of the  infinite mansion of  his mind?

You can do things in five minutes of concentrated and relaxed attention that you couldn’t do in hours!  You will surprise yourself by your  spontaneous  poems, paintings, drawings, plans or songs, completed just as the timer rings!   The speed generated when you “keep going, as fast as you can  without stopping, no matter what,”  breaks down  the habitual  inhibition of your inner “critic”, releasing your infinite creativity. Be surprised!

Have fun!
Sara Deutsch

Sara Deutsch, M.S.,(PhD abd) is a college teacher, Creative Arts Therapist and multimedia artist who explores creativity as a healing force.

Sara’s journey led her into many worlds. She trekked alone in the Himalayas, and lived in virgin jungles of Hawaiian Islands, eating only fruit and wild vegetables.

She draws from doctoral study in Psychobiology and East/West Psychology, years in a contemplative order, 26 years of private practice and teaching, and multimedia explorations. She started telling writing her autobiography to connect and integrate her many life experiences.

Sara is a visionary artist with thousands of original paintings. Her art portfolio includes Life Portraits, Memory Art, and interactive mandalas done for herself and her clients.

She also creates Life Movies incorporating the subject’s photographic stills, voice overs, and favorite artwork and symbols.Her Ebook, CREATIVE AUTOBIOGRAPHY -- Telling Your Story summarizes 26 years of teaching with visual and written examples of whole brain writing processes, inspirations and an extensive book list.

Study with Sara Online
    ~Creative Autobiography: Telling Your Story~
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Autobiography is a gift of memory we give ourselves, and a priceless heirloom that can be passed down to family members.

Come on a guided journey into your past to recover the buried treasures of your memories and the tastes, sounds, feelings, images, and wisdom of your life.

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