Your Belly, Your Primordial Planet, Part 6

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Your Belly, Your Primordial Planet Part 6

by Lisa Sarasohn

What’s in a belly?

You’ve considered your belly as host to 100 trillion bacteria. These single-celled creatures — your gut microbiota — shape your physical and mental health.

The bacteria constituting your gut microbiome differ by species and the size of each species’ population. Given all this variation, when your belly bacteria maintain a dynamic balance among themselves, they promote your digestion, immunity, hormone production, nerve communication, and more.

Destabilizing the balance among your gut bacteria likely plays a key role in body-mind disorders such as anxiety, autism, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and allergies.

While the gut microbiome’s impact on all dimensions of our well-being may be relatively new news for Western medicine, it’s long figured in a standard diagnostic test — the stool sample.

As TV’s “Scrubs” proclaims in song and dance, “Everything Comes Down To Poo.” Click here for the lyrics.

You can also see the clip, from episode 6 of the show’s season 6, on YouTube.

In the previous installment, I suggested that you are a torus, a geometry that makes “inside” continuous with “outside.” You are a vessel circulating the life energy that animates the universe. Your belly — encompassing both your gut microbiome and your energetic hara— centers the sacred shape, the vesica, that the torus in cross-section delineates.

Source: Wendy Howard,
Does it Matter?

Toruswas one of three codewords I promised you in relation to the gut microbiome. The others: Primordial. Gaia.

The trillions of bacteria populating your gut microbiome, arrayed around your body-centered sourcepoint, carry forth an ancient lineage. Bacterial life forms originated more than 3 billion years ago. With such an ancestry, we might call these beings primitive. Better yet: primordial.

At the very center of who you are is this universe of primordial organisms ancient in shape, function, structure. As qigong teacher and internal alchemist Michael Winn suggests, these bacteria “represent the larger collective field internalized within humans — our shortcut path to accessing the environment.” We live within the universe; the universe lives within us.

Within our bellies, we host beings that trace their origin to the beginnings of life on this planet. I suspect that, as we live all the more through our center of being we enter more deeply into primordial knowing and more fully access primordial wisdom.

We delve into primordial wisdom not only in resonance with our gut microbiome but also in resonance with planet Earth, a being the Greeks revered as Goddess Gaia. Many peoples have known Earth to be sentient, sacred. Some Taoist traditions, for example, recognize the planet’s core as the abode of the Sacred Feminine. A Chinese term for the body’s center, meaning the “Gate of the Mysterious Female,” suggests Goddess dwells within our core as well.

Source: Lisa Sarasohn,

We live within Gaia; Gaia lives within us. Earth’s center, body’s center: the resonance is here for us to experience — not through ideation or analysis but directly through meditation, movement, art, image.

Earth’s center, body’s center: I express the resonance I sense, for example, through this poem:

Terra’s Magnetism

You draw me to you, dreaming,
beckon me tenderly.

Tending toward home I go,
to the mother lode,
magneto spinning at center,
attending to breath,
intending to unite,
guided by whispers and tendrils of grace.

The blood in my veins and my
rich-blooded womb,
as red as the iron, the ocher in yours,
sings your songs to me,
makes me crave your company.

I prepare to meet you, greet you,
coloring my hair, hands, feet with henna,
core seeking molten core:
stoking the fire,
heating the ore,
compressing the passion.

Open to the intercoursing of breath, caress,
animated by instinctive elegance,
by consolidated essence,
the resonance of bellies,
your magnetic tenderness,

I settle into your embrace.

Earth’s center, body’s center: The Alignment meditation presented in The Woman’s Belly Book and on the Honoring Your Belly DVD offers another way to sense your pivotal connection with the planet, as well as your intimate link with Spirit. As you move through this pose, you’re essentially aligning your belly’s power to promote creation with the grace of heaven and earth.

Source: Lisa Sarasohn,

Each gesture in the power-centering Honoring Your Belly sequence enacts a prayer. The prayer that accompanies Alignment provides a fitting conclusion to this series of articles:

May all our actions be effortless, playful;
may our hearts’ desires be manifest;
may the universe accomplish her purpose
through us.

Blessed be.

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