Sacred Wisdom of Menopause

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 11:39 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Roslyne Sophia Breillat


The sacred wisdom and mysterious profundity of menopause have long been forgotten by western society. This powerful metamorphosis is commonly hidden from husbands, misinterpreted and ridiculed by the media and curiously described as a medical condition in need of a "cure". These ignorant beliefs denigrate the inherent wisdom of the womb and the timeless mystery of the feminine essence, creating separation from the integrity of love and separation from the integrity of the earth.

A woman cannot find her deepest sense of femaleness in the outer world. She finds this by descending within, into the heart of her mystery, the heart of her womb. And here, within this formless place, she comes to life, she comes to rest and she comes home. This sacred journey of menopause is a descent into the female psyche's mysterious depths. Through diving into and being immersed in these wise depths, she reunites with the ancient mystery of menopause, for this powerful transformation is the way of the earth, the way of the womb, the way of the heart. The contemporary world does not want her to awaken during menopause. And yet the earth needs her to awaken, through consciously embracing this important transformation of deepening, of opening, of change. For Mother Earth and her people are in need of many awakened and awakening women of wisdom right now. The wise seeds of menopause arise from the depths of her womb, from the womb of the earth, from the universal and galactic womb. And within these seeds await the wisdom of her female sexuality, the sacredness of the female elder, the grace of true maturity, the radiance of her truth. For to live a womb-centred life is to live a heart-centred life, where the energy uniting heart wisdom and womb wisdom is receptively open and freely flowing.

The menopausal woman, challenged by contemporary society's denigration of the "older" female, is nurtured by loving reflections of real women, unafraid to live from the wholeness of their wisdom, integrity and power. Like a seedling pushing through the moist rich earth, she is inspired by these heart sisters to reach for the vastness of the unknown, beyond all that has previously made her feel secure. The primordial stirring of this raw and primal essence of menopause welcomes her into the transforming power of a tumultuous journey of change. It is an invitation for her to dive deeply beneath society's unreal obsession with youth and aging and to unite with her wisdom, her purpose, her truth.

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The above article is an excerpt from Sophia's new book, "WOMB OF WISDOM, THE SACRED JOURNEY OF MENOPAUSE"...

Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes, and paints from the heart. Her prolific articles and paintings embrace the wisdom and grace of the female essence and the beauty of the Earth. She is acknowledged as a powerful and courageous writer whose creative work features in many international websites and magazines. Her website is an abundant offering of female wisdom that nurtures and inspires. Sophia is the author of WOMB OF WISDOM, THE SACRED JOURNEY OF MENOPAUSE and HEART OF THE EARTH, NURTURING THE SACRED FEMININE.


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Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences are inspiration for her flowing creativity.

Her articles and art embrace the beauty, power and sensuality of the feminine essence and celebrate the natural flow of woman's transformational cycles. Her website offers a sacred space for woman to dive into the deep, to open to her true nature, to be who she really is.

Sophia's training and experience includes primal therapy, intuitive massage, reconnective healing, writing, art and design, astrological counselling, instructional skills, training program design and teaching within the Aboriginal community. She has also facilitated many creative and inspiring workshops and courses.

Sophie offers two courses at the Wise Woman University:

~ Being Woman ~ (detailed description of Being Woman online course)

This six week online course provides a sacred and nurturing space where woman can learn to surrender more deeply to the natural receptivity of the female psyche. "...so blessed to have had gentle words of encouragement and support from you through the "Being Woman" course at W.W.U.... You have inspired me to continue my quest... Thanks so much!"

~ Dawning of Wisdom ~ (detailed description of Dawning of Wisdom online course)

Throughout this series of lessons she will learn to trust the innate flow of her intuitive nature and to listen more intimately to the wellspring of her inner source. And we will explore together how to live more fully as the embodiment of the feminine essence within the structures of a masculine civilisation. "I LOVE your class, it is beautiful and thought provoking and well done... Thank you Sophia for your role as wisdom keeper, confidante and mentor."

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