6 Ways to Return to Your Wild Intelligence and Tail Wagging Pleasure

Monday, August 15, 2016 2:10 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

6 Ways to Return to Your Wild Intelligence and

Tail Wagging Pleasure

by Ixeeya Lin Beacher

My most reliable source for healing and vitality is always the earth and the wild ones!

Plants and animals know how to thrive.

The animals are wagging their tails, sharing, sounding and rubbing up against the plants.

The plants are ecstatic when a good firm breeze comes to shake them clean of old leaves and debris.

The ancient shamanic earth centered healing ways came from exploring the environment and the creatures living within.

How do we get back to primal tail wagging vitality? I suggest the same way the animals do, becoming fully embodied and connected to our wild intelligence.

So let's begin at the beginning, coming home to our bodies begins  at our root. The root is home to our pelvic floor muscles. The more we open and tone the pelvic floor, the more we release the tension at our root center to keep our tail  wagging.  The root center encompasses our reproductive organs and pelvis. As we free up our root we can more easily access our innate womb wisdom, deeper pleasure and our wild intelligence.

Our pelvic floor muscles are of vital importance for sexual function in both men and women. In men, they support erectile function and ejaculation. In women, they hold in place her whole womb center and with the voluntary contractions (squeezing) of the pelvic floor contribute to sexual sensation and arousal. If our root and pelvis are locked up and shut down it is likely our periods become irregular and painful, headaches frequent, we can have a loss or diminished sexual sensation.

And check this out, our throat and jaw are directly connected to our pelvic floor and sexual energy center. When we make sound particularly a moaning kind of sound, it opens up our throat center, in turn activating and opening our sexual center below.  Primal sounding and moaning assists in spreading our life force from our genitals throughout our whole body to open us up to more visceral experience of peace and power.

Our pelvic floor is our sexual center and is very “emotional.” It’s where we build our relationship to release and letting go with  elimination and urination. We can hold very old emotional habit patterns in our pelvic floor from all our experiences all the way back to learning to use the toilet and holding onto any shame that experience might have come with. It is  our primary sexual area, so there is a lot going on, with housing our most basic human sexual, emotional experiences. The muscle memory holds onto the tension and traumas that take place here unless we consciously release them.

In all of my people watching and work with clients I notice it is the tail waggers, the people free in their root and pelvis that are having the most vitality and fun. I learn so much about the body through observing people in motion.  I love tracking my response to people's personal embodiment and gestures, taking note who I feel the most open hearted around, who inspires me, who feels present and radiant and attractive in their body and who seems to be having the most fun.

What I notice is that it is not a body type or a genre of beauty or financial bracket that opens my heart. Hands down it is invariably the men and women who are free in their pelvic floor. Energy is flowing and there is a grounded connection to earth and celebratory "yes" about living.

They are tail waggers!

Yes there is a whole lot of scientific and anatomical reasoning for this but let’s not pull up and out of our bodies and our connection to the earth to go back into over analysis, the reason we stopped wagging our tails in the first place. Instead I want to suggest you experiment for yourself. Do your own embodiment research. Take time to discover the feeling intelligence within you.

In this article I invite you to release your practical thinking mind and journey back to the possibility that pleasure and earth connection reconnect us to one of the most healing resources we have available, for free, within us: Our wild intelligence!

When we take time to create sacred dates of movement and stillness to remember and access the power and peace in having full connection to our bodily pleasure, our lives change. 

The healing inspiration and freedom we pour into our world changes. We become a source of vital light for our own healing and those around us because the light in our spine from our tail all the way up to our crown is free to circulate. In my private practice I  see new tail waggers start to celebrate life more, have less low back and period pain, open up more sexual vitality and fertiltiy, feel the sacredness of their body, develop a lovely friendship with the earth and over all feel more ecstatic pleasure! I wonder what you will discover ?

6 ways to return to your wild intelligence and tail wagging pleasure.

Have Fun!

- 1 Breath: Deepen and direct your breath into stuck and closed areas of your pelvis and body. Observe your breath. Make the inhales steady and long and the exhales just as steady and even longer. Each inhale is gifting you with light and oxygen, the gift of life. Practice receiving and deserving on the inhale. Practice the full body yes!

On the exhale practice gratitude, purification and releasing. Imagine each exhale is sending out a gift to the world. Give it away and enjoy emptying out all the way down to the pelvis.

- 2 Movement/Circulation: Tail wagging! Bring movement to your tail bone and pubic bone, hips and belly, jaw and neck. No fancy dance required just wiggles, circles and shakes will do the trick!  A variation of slow methodical exercises and free form shamanic shake downs to unlock stuck chi and strengthen muscles to circulate blood flow so you can experience more sensation and pleasure.

A simple and potent sequence is: finding fluid circles in your body, then start to reach out long in all directions. Enjoy the stretching just like a dog waking up from a nap;  Then begin to shake from the pelvic floor all the way out, shake out your hands and feet, shake and wiggle your jaw, soften your spine and allow the whole body to discover movement that feels good!

- 3 Plant brushing: cut 3 - 9 stalks of plants with scissors and a prayer of gratitude in your heart - (mints, lemon balm, yellow dock are great late spring and summer plants to use, juniper or a soft evergreens work great for winter) sweep the wand of plants from head to toe stopping to scrub the pubic bone,  tail bone, heart, throat, third eye and crown. As you sweep and scrub hold a clear intention in your mind with what you are releasing or opening up to.

Trust the wild intelligence of the plants. They might want to whip or shake or lay on your body. Trust the plants are giving you exactly what you need. (Plant Brushing is a traditional Mayan spiritual shamanic healing art called Limpia, this is a simple taste of the practice, a doorway if you will.)

- 4 Earth time: science tells us now that there are actually electromagnetic currents that rise up from the earth into our bodies. Great news Old news. Great news because when science proves something it legitimizes it in a way that opens the door for a lot more people. Old news because earth centered cultures have known and practiced with the energy of the earth since the beginning of time. Earth centered healing calls this energy, the earth’s love. This love is amazing for the pelvic floor and womb. This energy weaves with our energy to create a rooting to the earth to help us access the wisdom and pleasure of our first energy center -our root.

But here is the catch … Rubber repels the energetics so you have to take your shoes off or lay your body on the earth. “Earthing” is a meditative process. Take time to truly feel bodily sensations and give your attention to the emotional texture that is woven into your body. This is a slowing down process of receptivity and restoration.  When your nervous system settles you become more present to sensations and subtle pleasure in your body.

- 5 Linking: Link up the body. Begin to learn and notice how body parts hold tension in unison.  Unlocking one part starts to unwind another. This is very helpful if there is intense trauma or shock. For example you can begin to access your pelvic floor through the pathway of your feet and your jaw. There are interconnections throughout the whole body. Trust your feeling intelligence to find them.

Simple touch and massage of related body parts can also help to link. For example we know a woman's womb is connected to her heart, if they are out of sync then pelvic floor issues can ensue. That self love energy is vital for womb health and sexual pleasure. So massage the low belly where your womb lives with just simple loving touch circling around with the pads of your finger tips. Then bring your touch to link the womb with your heart with the same soft circling touch. Back and forth so these 2 centers start to hum together in unison. (Many cultures have womb massage practices. I am trained in the Mayan traditions. This simple touch massage is a doorway into the self care practices of Mayan abdominal womb centering.)

- 6 Primal Body Expression: Allow primal sounds. Not words but moans and yelps. Let it out! Release the voice and vibration of your pelvis, of your womb, of your belly. Sound rides on the current of your breath so try on different breath patterns… Deep breath, fast breath, slow breath. Notice what sounds come out with each new breath pattern. This is not about singing a song. It may not sound pretty. That's great! Get all that stuck, ugly energy out of there to make more room for balance and feeling good!

Each one of these innate and ancient healing practices have the potential to open your pelvic floor and activate vital energy to circulate through your whole body.

As your pelvic floor opens with these practices you likely will start to embrace new aspects of your sexuality. This opening starts a personal journey of discovery of new door ways to your wild emotional sensual sexual intelligence. This is good news… You will be wagging your tail in shear delight and vital health in no time, just like the plants and animals!

Happy tail wagging dear one.

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 Ixeeya Lin Beacher is an earth centered healer and movement educator residing in Lafayette Colorado. She specializes in women’s healing arts: shamanic womb healing, yoga therapy, holistic pelvic floor health, sacred healing dance, and red “tenting”( womens circling) for over a decade to help women heal sexual trauma and return to wild intelligence, pleasure and personal power. Founder of Women's Tent and WOMB Dance, she loves to wild craft, create visionary art, dance and create earth dances to align with the earth’s rebalancing process. Her practice consists of one on one clients (in person or via Skype), workshops, retreats, on line programs and guest speaking. WomensTent.org / IxeeyaLin.com

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