The Shamanic Journey of Menopause

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 7:05 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Wisdom Woman
The Shamanic Journey of Menopause
written & illustrated by Roslyne Sophia Breillat


When a woman opens to the powerful and expansive dawning of her menopausal transformation, she is potentially opening to a profound metamorphosis into power, wisdom and a deepening integrity of female truth. If she openly welcomes and embraces the intimacy, depth and profundity this transformational journey can bestow, she will enter the mystical, mythical and mystery-filled realm of the female Shaman. For menopause is traditionally a Shamanic pilgrimage of healing that strips away all the mental and intellectual beliefs she has gathered throughout her life until now. This powerful menopausal transformation offers to reveal who she truly is and who she is truly becoming, beneath the familiar layers of structured conditioning that suppress her power, confine her wildness and prevent her from living, loving and being the ancient wisdom of the feminine, the sacredness of the wise, wild woman.

The power of the womb is impersonal, immortal, infinitely still, succulent and wild, exquisite and deep, profound and wise, and during this Shamanic journey of menopause, a woman can enter a sacred wombheart place where all her previous personal beliefs of herself as a woman become tumultuously and chaotically shattered. Her physical, sexual, psychic, nurturing, nutritional and spiritual needs can turn inside out and upside down, as they are wildly flung into the transforming flames of the womb’s menopausal cauldron of fire. This is the time for the awakening wisdom of her Menopausal Muse to come forth. This is her time. These powerful psychic, psychological and physical changes that She offers are not aligned with the usual routine changes of a woman’s daily outer life, but borne upon the winds of a mythical healing transformation, a healing transformation that arises from the unfathomable depths of the female mystery, a transformation to be valued, honoured, lived and loved.

If the daily routines of her outer life are structured in ways that do not allow her necessary moments for solitude, retreat and healing, for looking inwards, for seeing and feeling and sensually imbibing what is truly happening within her body and within her psyche during the potent awakening of her wisdom woman phase, she will have difficulty heeding this integral call of menopause and allowing it to infuse every cell of her being with its depth and power. For this is frequently a time of discovering that the authenticity of her own female needs is not aligned with placing others’ needs before her own or with being the woman that the media, the patriarchal world, her work, her family, her partner or her friends need her to be.

Like Persephone journeying into the depths of the underworld, she must courageously and fully experience this psychic inner journey before she can arise into the sweet light of spring, the sunlight of new beginnings, the stepping stones that lead her away from a past that no longer serves, honours and enhances the wild, wise woman she is becoming, and this metamorphosis that welcomes her into the ancient realm of Wisdom Woman. As she begins shedding her emotional attachment to the predictability of her lunar menstrual rhythms, she dives deeper into the realm of the mystical feminine, the realm of her female mystery.

The woman who openly and intimately and consciously welcomes her Shamanic menopausal pilgrimage can experience such joy and strength and freedom of female healing, as the womb releases old memories, lovers, emotions, negativity, ideas and ideals that cannot awaken, enliven, nurture and support this benevolent gift of vast wisdom that awaits her. This can be a potent time of releasing painful memories of sexual trauma, of patriarchal wounding, a potent time of sexual healing, clearing old psychic and emotional debris from her cells, clearing old wounds that have been carried by many female generations of her family, so that she can arise, like the Phoenix from the ashes of her fiery menopausal cauldron, as wholly and holy woman, as Wisdom Woman, Elderwoman, Shaman, She Who Knows, She Who Holds Her Wise Blood Inside.

And as she lives and loves more deeply and more sweetly and more impersonally from this place of menopausal healing, she can offer her gifts of wisdom, power and transformation to the womb of the Earth and to the discordant World that dearly needs the deep integrity and Shamanic healing of her loving wisdom right now.

Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a wise woman who lives, writes, and paints from the heart. Her prolific articles and paintings embrace the wisdom and grace of the female essence and the beauty of the Earth. She is acknowledged as a powerful and courageous writer whose creative work features in many international websites and magazines and her website is an abundant offering of female wisdom that nurtures and inspires. Sophia is the author of two books, WOMB OF WISDOM, THE SACRED JOURNEY OF MENOPAUSE and HEART OF THE EARTH, NURTURING THE SACRED FEMININE. Both of these books can be ordered directly from sophia@wildheartwisdom.com

Email: sophia@wildheartwisdom.com
Website: www.wildheartwisdom.com

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