Uterine Bodywork: Mayan Uterine Massage

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 1:18 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Uterine Bodywork facilitates the healing of numerous emotional, menstrual, spiritual, and physical conditions.
The solar plexus is known in numerous women’s indigenous traditions to be our "power center”, the center of our personal power source.
Incidents such as rape, incest, abuse, abortion, infertility, and traumatic childbirth can restrict the flow of necessary energy movement in the area and as a result we lose our sense of power. One very common side effect is poor digestion, this is an indication that our power source is lacking energy. Mayan uterine massage is a simple and effective therapy that shifts stagnation into positive flow once again.

Physically speaking, when the uterus is displaced oxygenated blood (arterial flow) coming to the uterus is sluggish and venous blood flow moving out of the uterus is restricted. This sluggish condition hinders outward flow and results in the buildup of carbonic acid and other toxins in the tissues. Without being able to excrete or dispose of these acids can lead to unpleasant symptoms and over a period of years, serious illness. Another symptom of a displaced uterus is clotting and brown blood during our moontime or monthly bloods. If this is something you are experiencing then circulation is stunted.

Stress is a HUGE factor in all of stagnation. Any one of the instances above precipitates an interruption of relaxation where metabolism and absorption function improperly. In a chaotic stressful environment, your energy also becomes chaotic, your cells absorb the energy of your environment and this can lead to a digestive disaster. This stress-filled environment hinders one's ability to connect with a basic source of self-love. Eating healthy food and absorbing the nutrition therein is an elemental task that so many people cannot manifest. Massaging the digestive organs brings blood and warmth with vital nutrients into these places whereas before they were cold and stagnant. Penetrating those dormant areas moves energy, blood, and body fluid, and releases that chaotic (stressful) energy. This motion can release and breakdown negative thoughts stored in the tissue, a liberation related to this intense powerful healing.

This summer I am teaching Healing the Heart of the Womb which includes the practice of the Mayan uterine massage, vaginal steaming, and sacred personal ceremony. I hold the container so you can open your heart and release what does not serve your highest good any longer. I want you to engage in your healing journey feeling supported and nourished. I uphold the safe place, so that 'she who is healing' can shine.

Come join us at the Red Earth Herbal Gathering at Pachamama Farm and
Wellness in Colorado. To register go to https://www.redearthherbalgathering.com.

Laura Clemmons CH
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Join us at Red Earth Herbal Gathering from August 19-20th at Pachamama Farm and Wellness in Longmont, Colorado!

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