Mystical Nature Poetry and Herb Tea Recipe

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 3:22 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Mystical Nature Poetry and Herb Tea Recipe

By Dayna Colvin

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Emerald Meadows

Lush Emerald green meadows

Spread with magnificence

Dotted with rainbow flowers

Lily pads with frogs, butterflies, bees, and birds

Nourishing the blue green earth

Enjoying the natural magical rhythms

The abundant healing light love

Connects all the mystical earth beings

Sit there and watch the clouds roll by.


Radiant Glowing Full Moon

Radiant glowing full moon

Creating sparkly prisms

Across the night sky and the earth

Its beautiful powerful glow

Calls on and magnifies

The magical mystical healing energies

Of the Spirit and elemental realms

Casting shadows and silhouettes

Like a spotlight.


Silent Solitude

I enjoy my silent solitude

Sweet moments when the air is quiet

All I hear is nature

Birds chirping and singing

Bees buzzing

Dancing thru the air

Pollinating the rainbow flowers

Wind gently whistling thru the trees

Crickets and fireflies

Filling the crisp air with their rhythmic songs

I quietly tune into their silent music

I can feel the soul heartbeat of Mother Earth

Meditation in nature heals me

I can relax breathe calm

I feel grateful.



Peppermint and Ginger Are Wonderful Healing Herbs For Self-Care

Peppermint and ginger are two of my favorite healing herbs. I discovered peppermint when I was 10 years old and I have used it all my life for treating all my ailments. I discovered ginger 20 years ago when I had a bad cold and I needed a healing herb to help my immune system. I’m very deeply thankful for their healing medicinal benefits.  I have a very sensitive delicate stomach and these wonderful healing herbs have helped me so very much in so many ways.  What I love most about peppermint is the fact that it grows wild everywhere and there will always be a wonderful healing bounty of it. Ginger mainly grows in the Middle East and various other parts of the world, but both herbs can be planted and grown in your very own herb garden. 

I often drink peppermint tea when I don’t feel well and I need to burp and stimulate my appetite to feel strong.  I drink ginger tea for similar reasons, but I also love to add fresh ginger or ginger powder to my delicious healthy meals. The strong pungent aromas are very healing.  I love the flavors and aroma. I never leave home without peppermint. 

It’s energizing, cooling, a natural decongestant, and it creates a sweet, beautiful, positive, healing energy in any toxic negative environment.  I carry a bottle of organic peppermint essential oil in my purse.  I have three boxes of organic peppermint tea in my cupboard.  I have 2 bags of ginger powder and 3 large pieces of fresh ginger. Next to garlic, which is also a wonderful, healing, medicinal herb, peppermint and ginger are herbs that no one should be without and I can honestly say that I would encourage everyone to have these in their first aid kit and medicine cabinet.  Enjoy good health and healing wellness self-care.


I’d like to share a delicious healing herbal tea recipe I make when my dear husband and I don’t feel well and need a gentle energy boost.  It is a wonderful mixture of herbs that mix very well and is delicious. 


In a mug, pour boiling hot water over

2 tsp. fresh mint leaves, rinsed

1/2 tsp. fresh cut ginger, rinsed

2 tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 tsp. maple syrup or your favorite organic unrefined sweetener

Let the hot tea steep and brew for 30 minutes until the herbs blend well and is very potent.  When the aroma fills the air and the tea tastes very minty and gingery, you know the tea is ready to sip.  You can enjoy this delicious healing herbal tea on cold days, but you can also enjoy it chilled on hot days.  It’s wonderful to sip it slowly throughout the day and the herbal potency will help you feel good for hours.  Enjoy and have a lovely day.

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