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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 7:17 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

by JoAnne Dodgson

Maia woke up with a start, her heart racing. She got out of bed and fumbled through the darkness, trailing her hand along the wall searching for the light. Blinking against the brightness that suddenly filled the room, she brewed herself a cup of chamomile tea, hoping to soothe herself back to sleep and leave behind the troubling dream that kept waking her up in the middle of the night.

The dream was always the same. There she was, standing on a moss-covered cliff watching the ocean waves crash against the rocks far below. A golden dragonfly with glistening wings suddenly appeared. The dragonfly hovered high above the ocean, just beyond her reach, mysteriously calling to her. She felt an irresistible urgency to catch it, to claim it, to keep it for her very own. Staring intently at the dragonfly, Maia took several steps back and then ran forward as fast as she could. She leapt off the cliff, desperately reaching out for the dragonfly. She caught it, cupping it between both of her hands, feeling delicate dragonfly wings fluttering against her palms. Her delight turned to terror when she suddenly realized there was no longer any ground beneath her feet. Flailing her arms in distress, forgetting all about the dragonfly, Maia plummeted toward the ocean. And that's when she woke up, night after night, in the midst of a free-fall toward the rocky shore far below.

Maia finished sipping her tea and went back to bed, tossing and turning for a few more restless hours. She was relieved when morning finally arrived. In the soft glow of sunrise, she eagerly got dressed and went to the beach, hoping this daily ritual would bring her some relief. Hurrying along the sandy shore, she rushed by the tide pools filled with starfish and seashells which she usually enjoyed taking time to explore. But she was too preoccupied with the dragonfly dream which kept lingering in her mind, even in the daylight hours. Maia couldn't shake the feeling that had been haunting her for quite some time - her deep yearning to catch and hold onto something beautiful, something enchanting, something to fill up the empty places in her life.

Maia waded into the ocean and jumped over the frothy waves, finally diving in for a swim. Exhilarated by her immersion in the vibrant salty waters, Maia faced the distant horizon and swam as far and as fast as she could. The simple act of taking action, of moving under her own power and holding her own against the ocean tides, filled Maia with a great sense of accomplishment. Her mind raced with seductive imaginings of what it'd be like to just keep on swimming, to never turn back and leave everything behind.

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