Wildcrafting Guidelines

Monday, May 13, 2019 6:45 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Wildcrafting Guidelines
By: Jessica Godino

Start with a few easily recognized plants, and get to know new plants slowly.

Study the poisonous plants that grow in your area, and always know whether the plant you¹re harvesting plant has any poisonous lookalikes.

Always be sure you have identified a plant correctly, either through the use of a field guide or an experienced harvester.

Give your full attention to your task; its easy to make mistakes if you¹re distracted.

Some plants have parts that are edible and parts that are toxic, and some plants have parts that are edible at certain times of the year but toxic at others. Make sure you know which part to use, and when to harvest it.

As with all foods, some plants will not agree with certain people. Start with small amounts of any wild food that is new to you.

Ask permission before harvesting on someone else's property

Avoid areas that are likely to be sprayed, for example around power lines, train tracks, golf courses, and weedless yards. Don't gather within 50 feet from a busy road, especially downhill from one.

Return often to your harvesting sites, to get to know the plants at different phases of their life cycle.

Learn which plants are endangered in your area and avoid harvesting them altogether. (Luckily, many edible and medicinal plants are prolific weeds, and you don¹t need to worry about over-harvesting.)

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