Earth-Friendly Organic Halloween Makeup

Thursday, October 31, 2019 11:46 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Earth-Friendly Organic Halloween Makeup
 by Dayna Colvin

Next to Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is one of the most celebrated honored holidays of the year. It never ceases to amaze me how many people get into the spirit of the holiday and enjoy the festivities. 2,000 years ago, Halloween was a very sacred holiday celebrated by the Celtic people in the ancient British Isles. It was a holiday celebrated by Druids, Witches and Wiccan Covens, Fairies, Elves, and various other Celtic Tribes. On All Hallows' Eve, as it was called back then, the Druids would go from door to door holding an empty basket asking for fruit and whatever treats the residents would give them. Later in the evening, everyone would gather together in a festival, dancing, singing, playing, and enjoying the foods they were given.

Many centuries later, Halloween is still a celebrated holiday, but today things have drastically changed. People still enjoy wearing costumes, pretending to be their alter ego. They also enjoy going door to door saying, "trick or treat" and asking for sweet treats, but the tradition has vastly changed. Halloween is probably one of the most expensive holidays. As soon as the summer begins to fade, stores begin stocking up for Halloween and the Christmas Holiday Season. Throughout the store, you’ll see the regular merchandise combined with racks upon racks of new Halloween paraphernalia.

One of the biggest traditions of Halloween is the wild and elaborate costumes people design. Many people go with the traditional Angels, Ghosts, Devils, and Superheroes, while others opt for outlandish costumes, portraying celebrities in Hollywood. The costumes are usually cute, colorful, and beautiful and the makeup is a process all to its own. Dressing up and playing make believe, pretending to be someone or something else for a day is fun and exciting. It is a beautiful way to express the inner child. The problem is that the makeup and hair goo that is used to complement the costumes is usually toxic, smelly, and very harmful to the health. It’s fun to dress up and wear wild and zany colorful makeup and create funny wild hairdos that get attention. But when these products contain toxic petrochemicals, the fun disappears.

I remember attending Halloween parties with friends and I always had a great time dressing up and checking out everyone’s getup. We always had such a great time trying to guess what someone was supposed to be and admiring the elaborate costume designs. Unfortunately, there was also a down side. Each person had bright or dark colorful thick makeup on and colorful hairspray with funky silver and gold streams sticking out of their hair. As soon as I would get close to someone, I would have trouble breathing, would start coughing, and I’d make a mad dash for the bathroom. At first, I thought I was crazy and I couldn’t understand what was wrong until years later.

When my husband and I began learning about holistic natural living, we began to question and analyze all the holidays. We were invited to a couple parties, but we started turning down invitations. I was no longer interested in wearing funky or sexy costumes with wacky colorful makeup because I couldn’t find anything fun that was non-toxic. All those crazy facial makeup applicators and the silver and gold aerosol junk you put in the hair are permeated with toxic petrochemicals. That shiny silver and gold stuff that you use to draw lines and decorations around your eyes and on your cheeks is filled with petroleum, potentially toxic food dyes, and horrible fragrance.

Those petrochemicals contain coal tar, the same smelly toxic chemicals that are used to pave roads and repair leaky roofs. Essentially, you’re putting gasoline on your face and in your hair! If you find this gross and appalling, then you’re paying attention. It’s cheap and massively distributed to all cheap dollar stores and can make people very ill. The fumes from the adulterated scented products pollute the air, groundwater, and wildlife.

An ugly horror is the fact that when toxic petrochemicals - pesticides, lawn treatment chemicals, perfumes, commercial fertilizers, and various other toxic petrochemicals - are sprayed into lawn grasses, trees, foliage, and flowers, the Fairies are usually present, hovering around the plant-life, caring for and being Stewards for these plants. The harsh petrochemicals are sprayed right into the Fairies' faces, suffocating them, choking them, and making them severely ill! It is an absolute horror and it cannot continue!

The Fairies are delicate, fragile, vital integral parts of the Mystical, Spiritual, Unseen world and they rely on us to protect and respect them and their world. The Fairies carefully watch over and act as protective stewards to the Plant and Animal Kingdom and they need to be in good health to continue their vital work. This won't happen if their air is being made toxic with harmful toxic pollutants. The packaging winds up in a toxic landfill, where the toxic plastic will never biodegrade.

If you want to have fun and get dressed up in some wild funky colorful costumes and makeup, opt for something that is safe enough to eat. Aubrey Organics and Aveda make some beautiful makeup, including some playful, funky, wild colors. There’s no reason that you can’t have fun in a non-toxic earth-friendly manner. Pure organic plant essences are safer for the environment and the recycled packaging they come in can either be reused or recycled. The cheap inexpensive little makeup applicators you find in the bargain stores are better off ignored.

A really good way to enjoy Halloween and the Holiday Season is to make your own non-toxic earth-friendly makeup and check out some books with some good non-toxic tips. This Halloween, make a strong statement that tells the world that you genuinely care about Mother Earth and all Her Beautiful Creatures. Show the world that you know what it means to be a Pagan and that you are no longer willing to patronize those companies that only care about profit margin, even if it means polluting the environment.

A true Pagan honors all the Natural Elements, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, and knows the true meaning of respecting Mother Earth. Getting dressed up in your favorite colorful costume with festive makeup isn’t about playing games and acting foolish. Halloween is a special day about honoring our Spiritual Ancestors and Honoring the Spiritual Unseen World. The best thing we can do to protect and respect the Fairies, Spirit, and Unseen World and correct this horrible problem is to become avid strict label readers and vote with our wallets.

Say “No” to greedy multi-nationals! Say “Yes” to organic, green, earth-friendly conscious companies that care about Mother Earth, the humans, and the animals. Eat, live, shop, and be Green! Shopping at your local health food store and purchasing only those products and items that are 100% green, organic, and earth-friendly, non-toxic is the best thing people can do to contribute to a cleaner greener Earth and reduce our footprint upon Mother Earth.

Dayna Colvin resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. They are happy new parents of an adorable beautiful wonderful 19 month old sweet baby boy and 2 adult cats, their furry babies.  Their plant-based vegetarian, natural living diet and holistic, environmentally conscious lifestyle keeps them vibrant and youthful.  Dayna is an advocate of environmental awareness and as a voice for compassion for animals. She has worked with Greenpeace and other similar organizations in raising awareness to the importance of wholeness, as well as environmental understanding.

Upon seeing the dramatic positive results from her choices, Dayna decided to share her knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the world. This resulted in a series of articles and prose, as well as three non-fiction alternative health books and two unique visionary environmental adventure novels. Her book, "Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity," teaches people how to can enjoy clean, organic, non-toxic, earth-friendly beauty, using only 100% pure organic plant essences, completely FREE of harmful petrochemicals.

In her book, she shows people how to distinguish and discern the truth from the lies that the multi-nationals are so good at shoveling with their obscene million-dollar advertising.  She teaches people the basic fundamentals of reading a product label and she introduces them to the natural world. To read more about Dayna and her writing, please visit the following web site: www.notperfume.com

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