Working with Crystals for Protection

Monday, March 09, 2020 6:13 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Working with Crystals for Protection
by Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang

We often suggest that our Reiki & Past Life Regression clients wear crystal pendants to assist them in their work, whether it is a job where they feel beset by too many energies or conflicts or to assist them in doing inner work or being on their particular spiritual path. We also often recommend crystal wands and altarpieces for our clients, to help them elevate the energy in their home, or office, and in their bedroom or meditation room.

Crystals have been used since ancient times for protection, magic & to assist in daily life. Crystals have been found in tombs, in Native American burial sites & around the world in all of the places humans have lived. Today, as many of you know, crystals are not only used in technology (See Curtis' great article "Using Quartz Crystals in Digital Technology, Healing & Meditation") but also to assist us in meditation & healing work. Crystals are so varied in form, appearance & uses & their beauty alone is a healing balm for many who see, hold, wear & work with them. You can read about the various kinds of crystals in our health section on crystals. A crystal pendant can help to protect and strengthen your auric shield, by encouraging & amplifying your own natural healing abilities. Crystals have been shown in experiments by IBM scientist and crystal healer Marcel Vogel to amplify energies.

So if you wear a crystal pendant with the intention of adding a layer of psychic protection, you will be amplifying that intention tremendously. And if you are attracted to a particular crystal, we always advise choosing that piece which is better than a choice based upon an intellectual decision.

Certain stones are good for specific kinds of protections. Citrine for example, is an excellent stone for a beginner who is just working with crystals because it is said not to need cleansing. Yes, of course, you have to clean your crystals as well as your aura! For instructions, see Curtis' article again, "Using Quartz Crystals in Digital Technology, Healing & Meditation".

Citrine is an excellent stone to wear in the workplace where you are exposed to a variety of 'interfering' energies. So are super seven, clear quartz & amethyst (especially with cacoxenite) crystals. All of these stones are excellent at literally repelling detrimental energies from out of our energy fields.

A stone to remove energies which you've already picked up is smoky quartz (or amethyst or clear quartz or again, citrines). Smoky quartz is my favorite because it goes so deep so gently and removes unwanted energies. It is very soothing at the same time, which is helpful because these unwanted interfering energies can bring a host of negative & unpleasant emotions & physical sensations with them.

If you feel tired from always picking stuff up from around you, you might want to try working with or wearing rutilated quartz or super seven (which contains among other minerals -- six to be specific -- plus rutile). Rutile is very energizing & works on the electric impulses in the body to clear junk out & bring in the required energy needed to get centered.

If you are truly balanced but need assistance in clearing out a lot of junk, try moldavite to work deep & thorough, but know, as one of our suppliers says, "moldavite is not for sissys".

If you want to clear through many layers or have things unearthed & revealed to you try working with phantom crystals & elestials. Elestials seem to work on many layers & levels at once, whereas phantoms help us access hidden &/or buried parts of ourselves.

If you are someone who would like to cultivate more of your sensitivies, crystals are excellent allies for this! Many of the so called dreaming stones are wonderful catalysts for dream work, energy work, scrying, going deeper into empathic or other psychic realms. Some of these are moonstone, phenacite, prehnite, opals, indigo quartz, gemstones like aquamarine and apatite & apophyllite to name just a few!


Crystal Exercise

* Lay down with some crystals of your choice. If possible place a grounding stone (such as ruby, smoky quartz, clear quartz or super seven or any orange or red crystal) at your root chakra or by your feet. Place another stone at your heart chakra such as rose quartz, indigo quartz or kunzite. Place another stone on your third eye or above your crown chakra such as phenacite, danburite or clear quartz.

* You can also hold a crystal in your hand, and this crystal will assist you during your meditation. Through this crystal your favorite Deities, Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and Angels can send you supportive energy. In addition, this crystal can be used to transmit energy to the areas of your body and energy field in need of strengthening and healing.

* Make it your intention as you place the crystals, that each stone will assist you in clearing unwanted energies & then will help you in strengthening your auric shield.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply three times through the nose, exhaling with a longer out breath through the mouth. Then breathe comfortably.

* Follow your breath with your mind so that your breath is your point of focus. If you cannot stop yourself from thinking, that is ok, just look at the thoughts & realize, "oh, I'm thinking" and keep breathing.

* Continue to bring your attention back to your breath. Do not judge yourself for thinking, just keep trying to follow the breath. After a few minutes of this, feel yourself sinking more deeply into the ground, your back being caressed by the Earth.

* Now notice you have crystals beneath your feet, or at your root chakra & thank each one in turn for assisting you in clearing unwanted energies & helping you to relax. Focus your mind on each crystal moving from your feet up your body & try to feel the energy of each one in turn.

* Have no expectations & simply focus one at a time on the crystals moving from your root chakra or feet. Spend as little or as much time focusing on each stone in this way moving from your feet to your head.

* Then begin to do the same thing with each stone, beginning at the crown & work your way back down your body. Again, keep breathing, following the breath & focus one at a time on each crystal moving from crown to root.

* As you move downward, ask each crystal to assist you in strengthening your auric field.

* When you have finished, lie quietly and breathe slowly and begin to imagine that you have a sheath of energy around your physical body which is several inches out from your skin. See that sheath of energy like a transparent skin which is intact, pliant & whole.

* Look to see if there are any holes in that sheath. That sheath is a major part of our aura, the energy field that surrounds your body, extending from your skin outward quite a distance in space.

* If you find holes with your internal vision, then continue the exercise again, starting at your root chakra & visualize energy pouring forth from each stone, filling up the holes in your aura.

* Work your way up the body & as you meditate, work with each stone to strengthen & support your auric field all the way from crown to root chakra.

* Again, examine your auric sheath with your inner eye and see if you have completed repairs.

* This exercise may take some getting used to if you are unaccustomed to working with inner vision in this way, and it may take more than one session to 'repair' your auric field.

* If you are accustomed to this kind of work, you may want to bring in guides to work with you, angels or even utilize the assistance of colors, scent or flower essences.

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