Abundant Life Forces of the Carrot

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Abundant Life Forces of the Carrot
by Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt

Imagine that you hold in one hand a seed of a carrot and in the other an exact clay imitation of that seed. To the physical sight they look exactly alike. Imagine in detail the seed of the carrot sprout, mature, wither and decay. What is missing in the clay imitation? Why doesn’t it sprout?

When we see a beautiful orange carrot we only notice the outer manifestations of matter. In reality what we see is the physical expression of invisible forces. The carrot is in itself an activity produced by invisible, creative life forces; an activity that is constantly changing and metamorphosing,
In order to 'see' this activity that the carrot plant is as well as the creative life forces forming it, let us imagine the tiny carrot seed sprouting and growing into a lovely vermilion red, sweet, crisp carrot with green tops. We can observe the root of the carrot growing downward vertically around its center. Compared with its leaves it is dense with matter. The carrot tops on the other hand are drawn upwards towards the periphery, spreading out horizontally. They are lighter, thinner with an almost lacy look.

Already we notice two opposite, yet complementary, forces at work in creating the carrot that qualitatively are completely different. One is the downward spiraling centripetal force which is often referred to as gravity, and the other is the upward spiraling centrifugal force known as levity. One has a relationship to density, matter and heaviness connected to earthly forces. The other has a relationship to non-density, non-matter and lightness, connected to cosmic, celestial forces.

Where do these forces originate? We usually view physical space and matter as having a center, a point connected to gravity, the earth’s force. But what about the forces we call levity? Could they be connected to and even have their 'center' at the periphery?

Draw a circle from a central point. The distance from the point to any point of the circle will be the same. On another piece of paper make the same size circle, this time draw planes (tangents) originating from the periphery. Do you have a different experience when drawing this circle?

We can imagine every living plant and being as created by the interplay between this polarities of the point-centered, more fixed and finite earth space, and the peripheral, flexible, open-ended, ever moving and infinite cosmic space. Perhaps we can also imagine that infinity exists not as a realm in a far distant place, but a soul-spiritual creative realm, the ever present source of everything.

In reverence we can now envision the carrot plant unfolding and being sucked or drawn upwards by forces (or possibly fairies) connected to the realm of pure light. Picture these forces (fairies) endowing the carrot with its varied qualities as they draw and spiral the physical substances outward. And imagine that around the carrot is, not an empty space, but a life-filled space of abundant vital forces.

Lemon Carrot Salad
This bright, delicious orange salad lifts every meal. It is satisfying, zesty and refreshing.

2 medium size carrots
A pinch of sea salt
Juice of 1/2 - 1 lemon
Sprigs of parsley for garnish

Grate the carrots on a fine grater.
Add sea salt, season with lemon juice and blend well.
Garnish with sprigs of parsley.

Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt is a Waldorf class and kindergarten teacher, biodynamic farmer, author and nutritional counselor. She has taught nutritional cooking and counseled for 25 years in her homeland Denmark, Europe and the United States.

She trained as a macrobiotic cooking teacher and counselor and studied the principles of oriental medicine and the research of Dr. Weston A. Price before embracing the anthroposophical approach to nutrition, food and cooking.

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