ENERGY HEALING: Getting to the Root Cause

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 3:26 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

ENERGY HEALING: Getting to the Root Cause

Seeing the Patterns of Life, Illness, Death and Transformation with Suzy Meszoly


Over the last 25 years seeing clients I have learned a few simple yet profound things about life, about sickness and about death. Working with people who consider themselves physically or emotionally unwell, or working with people who are dying or on their death beds, the same picture always presents itself: we have deep mental processes, evolving from spiritual understanding that create "our state". To clarify, I am seeing all illness coming from an internal energetic state. This may clearly be obvious to some but for many people, illness seems to take them by surprise, it seems to come from out of nowhere, from "outside" and they are unable to see the root cause and thus unable to really deal with it in an effective or wholesome manner.


Ourenergetic state (mind, body, spirit) creates our conditions for life, even so far as being susceptible to a virus or having a "random" accident. Our energetic state determines our lifestyle, our job, who we choose to have relationships with and how we have those relationships. How we interpret the world and how we act in the world is determined by our individual and unique energetic blueprint - which is always changing as well, as we learn from experience, adapt, accept, transform and one might even say, evolve.


Decades ago when I did the four years of education to become a professional homeopath, I learned that the father of homeopathy, Dr Samual Hahnemann, talked about the "vital force." In homeopathy we recommend homeopathically prepared remedies made mostly from plants, minerals and animals to address the vital force, so that then the vital force brings the spirit, mind and body back into a healthy state. This vital force may be also seen as Life Force, Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Prana in Sanskrit. It is a dynamic energetic field, that animates the body at conception and departs from the body at death. We are able to recognize the vital force by its actions only, as we do with electricity or magnetism, as the actual force itself is invisible to us.


In my understanding, from this inner core, this energetic state arises from the spiritual, then mental, then emotional and finally the physical state. Imagine a stone being cast into a pond, the stone is the vital force and the closest circle to the stone is your spiritual state, the next circle out is your mental state, followed by your emotional state and the last and biggest circle is your physical state. As the circles move outwards from the center which is intangible, energetic only, they become more tangible, more 3D. We have learned from recent science for example that even thoughts have weight! With the last circle our body is the most 3D version of who we are, the most dense, material, manifestation of the blue print. 

In my experience this understanding of "how things become material" has been corroborated by concepts I have learned from my Indigenous teachers from the Amazon, from journeys with plant medicines, from channeled states of consciousness, from profound deep meditations and also what I have gleamed from decades of studying "the mind" with my precious Tibetan Buddhist masters.

That is to say, we are originally, initially and always a state of energy, that comes first; and this energy is beginning-less and endless (reincarnation). From this energy state arises reality as we know it. At first it is experience - what I call spiritual, then thought, the mind, which is the mighty creator of much it seems. Then these thoughts initiate the chemicals produced and released in our bodies, different chemicals for different thoughts, and these thoughts and chemicals will create the emotional states. Oxytocin for example releases into the bloodstream as a hormone in response to love (also released in labor which helps with birth and with milk production, but also helps with bonding to the new-born baby). 


Who wants more oxytocin floating around in their body daily? Imagine always feeling love, bonding with the people around you, accepting them for who they are, and perhaps yourself as well? 


Our bodies are more or less a big watery sack of chemicals, stimulating states of awareness and providing an energetic-magnetic frequency that allows our world to unfold. And just like with a lot of other types of chemicals we get addicted, and it becomes a chemical catch-22,  we are in the loop of creating the situation to allow the release of that chemical which we have become addicted to, or rather that emotional state we have become accustomed to through birth and nurture. Hence the pattern. This is why it takes a lot of patience and attention to address change and why so many people have found muted solace temporarily or real deep transformation in the consumption of chemicals (pharmaceuticals, plant medicines, food, etc.)


But behind the chemical is the power of the mind, the power of thought and the magnificent potential of comprehension, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, you know that "aha" moment that each and everyone of us has all had at least once. When you place the final piece in the puzzle and you see what the picture is. When you get it and you know finally why this is happening or has happened. You take full and complete responsibility. And with this knowledge you then carve out a new route for yourself changing direction and moving forward or what I prefer to say "you deepen."


Through my work with clients, ranging from non-verbal autistic children, to cancer, allergies, IBS, acute illnesses, depression, many, many different conditions, I am looking not only at the suffering, at the symptoms, but at the whole picture, the entire human being. I am looking at their history, relationships, work, lifestyle, what makes them happy or angry, what makes them tick, and what makes sick. This work is about the overview, taking a birds eye view but also coming in real close, like under a microscope and seeing the responses, the reactions, the way we deal with ourselves and our environment. From all of this information I am deducing a pattern. When teaching I explain to students it is like being Sherlock Holmes, being a detective and finding all the clues: every single word or gesture, everything is connected to the whole and tells us why there is illness, disharmony or suffering. Pay attention.


Mostly in life, we are so busy being trees that we cannot see our forest; so busy and caught up in our day-to-day, the details, or our issues, our history, or projecting into our future that many of us do not see our own patterns. These patterns that are deeply ingrained and we might say nearly completely automatic. We have very relevant excuses for our personality and our choices, but we do not see the blueprint patterning that expands through our physical symptoms, our thoughts, emotions, responses and reactions. Our melody or "our song" as one of my great homeopathy teachers calls it, Dr Rajan Sankaran, is the way that we are in the world, our frequency and it informs all that we do.


If you have an understanding of previous lives (this is now scientifically proven- see multiple major university studies) or parallel lives, you will find that many aspects of our "past" are jettisoning us towards this life, these experiences and this situation, these parents, this body, etc. We call this karma. I see karma without emotion, a simple cut and dry neutral state, it is like an equation, this plus this, equals this. There is no judgment, no blame, only cause and effect. And as we understand, there have been countless lifetimes leading to this one and thus countless causes leading to the effects we are experiencing now, different karmas "ripening" at different rates, with varying intensity, being altered by a plethora of actions and mind states constantly. Much of this karmic information is way beyond our reach, no matter how intuitive we are and no matter which excellent guides we may have. Apparently not even the most enlightened Buddhas can see all the lifetimes worth of karma; so we should not expect all the answers here and now. Thus we can never identify the extensive root cause of illness, but we can get close.


We do have a fairly big movie screen here and now and we have a lot of clues to work with and some very tried and true methods to understand and improve on our situation. 


Compression and clarity of the state has been a crucial tool for my clients to work with in the road towards healing and a balanced healthy life.

Understanding the disharmonious emotional states and the disruptive mental states as sparkling crown jewels, as respected forthright teachers that have arrived to help us to grow. We have created these teachers for ourselves to evolve into higher states of being so we can be free of suffering and help others also be free. 

Recognizing the pattern, finding the lesson, redirecting the vital force is the key to health and happiness and beyond even happiness, to mindfulness and meaningfulness.


So essentially in my work, I am seeing the pattern, rooting out the cause of suffering and identifying how the individual can learn from this. We understand that we are the only ones creating our reality, in my worldview there is no victim, no accident, no blame. We are constructing our world with every breath, every thought, every word we speak. What words and thoughts are you using every day, how are you building brick by brick your reality?


Listen to the words people use so casually talking about their conditions, such as "battling or fighting this disease or that" or being a "survivor." And now with the global pandemic, seeing the descriptions of a "virus attacking us." I find these descriptions unhelpful and incorrect, dualistic and a set-up for an unfortunate predicament. 


Our energetic construct will create situations for us to learn. From speaking to those that have crossed over, from work with Indigenous teachers, spiritual masters, it is clear to me that we are here to learn, to evolve, to transform, in this precious human life, not just to hang out and be comfortable.


In my upcoming new course offered online, I am sharing my experiences and techniques on working with clients remotely. We will be exploring how to work with individuals, to find their patterns and help establish health and wellbeing. Webinar attendees will be offered a special discount!



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