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  • Wednesday, June 19, 2019 8:15 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

    The Shaman Way: Seeing and Interpreting Alternative Realities
    by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

    Sometimes what we see can be happening, or about to happen, in other realities besides this one. There are other realities that look very much like this one does physically. Some People call them alternate realities. Jim Carrey made a movie where everything about his life was staged inside a bubble. Do you remember that movie? When he tried to get in a boat and sail away, the boat stopped at the edge of the bubble and he realized it was not real. Some realities are that close to our own.

    I was standing in my living room cleaning the rugs when I looked up. It was nice outside so I had the door open to allow some fresh air into the house. I looked out the door and down the front walk and there were horses and buggy carriages going by on the road outside. There were houses across the street that weren't there before, tall brownstone houses and a man walked by in a top hat. There was a picket fence in front of my house that was not there before. I looked back into my living room and then back out the door and it was still there. I just stood watching for a long time, maybe 15 minutes while carriages and people walked by my house. I saw a milk truck and some kids in knickers ran by playing with a hoop. I would look at myself dressed in my jeans and see my living room just fine and then look out the door and this other time was still here. It did not leave until I left the living room and came back.

    We are just a sheet of paper away from other realities. Sometimes we are more connected to alternative realities than to this one. Some people prefer to live in alternative realities and they are kept in insane asylums. It is not that they are insane - it is that they are more connected to other places and other times. If someone would do the study and research, we might be able to help these "insane" people. I have come very close to choosing an alternative reality myself. I was really tempted to stay in one reality, which was so much more loving than this one. I struggled with myself in order remain here, telling myself that I am here for a purpose. Even now I get sad thinking about it. Perhaps this is one place depression comes from.

    I counsel people every day who are slipping in and out of this reality. They don't completely slip out but they feel the disconnect and cannot control it. It is hard to tell people to remain grounded here when some part of them knows that it is better over there. How do I say that? I barely am here myself!

    But we can't be slipping back and forth without control either. One man was losing his job over it. A lady was losing her kids over it. We all want the better world. Somewhere inside we have seen it or felt it and we all know about it. Although it might not be on a conscious level, many are having a hard time finding a real reason to stay here. The ones who can fair well in this reality are the warriors, the healers, and the ones who like to fight and make a difference, the champions of a cause.

    I, myself, faced this choice; that is, either to be the traditional Shamanic healer I was raised to be or end up in an asylum. Do you remember the sainted nuns who would cloister themselves in church steeples for their whole lives? They would never see anyone and the priest would bring them one meal a day and their lives were spent in prayer for that church, the town, and the country. Believe me, they were seldom in this reality.

    I see that world is being populated more and more by people who have chosen to be healers, warriors, hunters, to do battle for the saving of this world, this reality. We were definitely put here for a purpose - no matter how stinky this reality might be. We chose to be here and to make a difference. So I keep reminding myself to remain grounded here in this reality.

    But my point to you today is...

    There are many realities and you may be picking up on any one of them. How can you know if it is this place or another? You can know through experience, practice, keeping a log and evaluating the results. Learn about other realities as well, so you can recognize them better in the online course called Shaman Apprenticeship 101 found at http://www.shamanelder.com.

    I saw a whole star system collapse when I was 24. I had a series of visions of this incredible implosion of the cosmos. It was very scary for me to witness this, as I thought it was this universe. It did happen but it happened a billion miles away, in another time.

    I am not saying that what you are seeing is not for here and now. I have no way to say that. I am not here to judge what you see. You are the best judge of what you see. I am suggesting that you learn to interpret as well as see. 

  • Wednesday, June 19, 2019 3:10 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

    Nourishment, Kundalini, and
    the Menopausal Woman

    by Mary Lane

    Menopause is a passage into the autumn of our life. It prepares us to take a look at our harvest, separate the wheat from the chaff, and distill the wisdom from our journey. After taking time to go inward and do this it is time to come back out as a wise woman and plant the seeds of our wisdom for the next generation. This is quite a different scenario than we have witnessed in our culture for the last few generations.

    Women have just gotten old after a difficult menopausal passage and discarded by our society. Their usefulness has been hidden by our lack of awareness of the value of this phase of her life. With so many women going through this sacred passage now we can not afford to have a vast amount of women just getting old. We can not afford to not honor and welcome our wise women into society to support the collective transformation we are going through.

    Nourishing ourselves according to the Earth’s wisdom, the embodiment of the fully integrated feminine, balanced with her masculine, with no apologies about her oozing infinite creative sexual energy, and wise enough to recycle, is the first step in shifting our self rejection as women and open to our wisdom.

    Many women naturally experience a rising of kundalini energy as they approach menopause. Their energy is shifting from being projected outward to attract procreation to inward and movement upward through the chakra system. Some experience this as hot flashes as the energy hits up against blocks. This energy is available to clear out and balance the blockages through the entire chakra system that does not represent the fully authentic, integrated powerful feminine.

    It is a powerful serpentine energy that is the master of transformation. It prepares us to take our place with the wisdom that comes from the depths of our soul’s journey. It prepares us to be so grounded in it that we are unshakable. We are no longer under the influence of society’s conditioning. We have the strength to tell it like it is as we pass the baton to the next generation laced with deeply earned wisdom.

    Honoring ourselves, shifting the self rejection, nourishing ourselves according to the wisdom reflected from nature and making friends with our sexual energy is important preparation for this sacred passage.

    When we are not grounded and unable to nourish ourselves appropriately the kundalini rising through our bodies can become a dangerous vehicle that carries us to realms we are not prepared for. It can shred and dismember us in such an unmerciful way we can’t integrate it. Opening to this energy in a way that supports the balancing of the chakra system and prepares us for our role as wise women without getting blown out of the water is a tricky dance.

    Nourishing ourselves according to nature’s wisdom grounds us on this wave of transformation season by season at a manageable voltage. We become acquainted with ourselves, transforming cycle by cycle. We are experienced riders by the time menopause arrives.

    We are able to utilize this serpentine energy as it rises up our spine. We can then integrate this transformation, embody it and take our place as the elder with a baton that is worth passing on. There may have never been a time in history that is calling for this more than now. We can do this.

  • Tuesday, June 04, 2019 7:14 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)


    Moonwater - An Ancient Preparation
        Excerpt from Luna Yoga by Adelheid Ohlig

        Moonwater strengthens female power, whether used by men or women.

    The art of preparing Moonwater is ancient; its origins are lost to the darkness of matriarchal history. But the recipe is simple, and as easily done today as by any women who lived thousands of years ago.

    Begin by making a careful choice of your container, which could be the same for all the different signs and phases of the moon, or which could vary as the moon does - sometimes large and sometimes small, sometimes bright and sometimes dark. You might even have twelve different ones corresponding to the astrological signs.

    Your container needs to be able to hold as much water as you would use up in a month, drinking one sip a day. And, you need to be able to close it tightly, so your moonwater won't evaporate.

     On the eve of the full moon, fill the container with fresh water. If you like, add a piece of jewelry or a stone that corresponds to the moon's sign. (I don't have any rules for this, but freely associate what the different signs symbolize.) During the full moon, the moon's sign is opposite the Sun's sign.

    Expose your filled container to the full moon for the entire night. Place it outside and in the open where the full moon can shine into it for as many hours as possible. Next morning, take your first sip of moon water. This water that has gathered the moon's energy will be the first thing we consume every day from now until the next full moon. Each morning, on an empty stomach, one more sip is consumed, and we strengthen ourselves with the properties of full moon: creativity, abandon, imagination, wildness, strength, brightness.

    I wish you much joy with the water of the moon!


    This passage is an excerpt from:  Luna Yoga
    Wise woman secrets from many cultures help you take control of your fertility, increase your sexual pleasure, and relieve reproductive problems.
    Translated by Meret Leibenstein.

        About the author:
        Told that she had cervical cancer, Adelheid Ohilg sought noninvasive treatments. With the aid of simple yoga and breathing exercises, self-love, tribal fertility dance movements and a sound application of the principles developed by Aviva Steiner for female reproductive health, she cured herself. Her success and the stories told to her by other women, encouraged her to give up her career as a political editor and devote herself full-time to teaching LUNA YOGA for vital fertility and sexuality.


        Find out about moonlodges held at the Wise Woman Center


  • Monday, May 27, 2019 7:24 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

    Empower Yourself...
    Seven Directions Movement Meditation

    by White Feather

    It was a warm summer evening on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in western New York when Grandmother Twylah,( we called her "Twy" back then around 1985) asked me to join her for a talk she would be giving at a place called Lilly Dale. I was happy to be her driver as I would often do at that time.

    She invited me to sit up front and before I knew it she was introducing me to the audience and explaining to them I was going to teach them the Seven Directions Movement Meditation.

    A surprise to me since I had never taught the dance to a group before. I had been practicing it myself for awhile and would informally share with others what I had learned. I knew one cannot say no to your teacher so there I was being given "the nod" as we had come to know by the "Big T" and that was it.

    I received a pleasant response that evening and when I returned home to the Catskills I shared that story with Susun Weed as well as the Seven Directions Movement Meditation.

    Susun invited me to teach the Seven Directions Movement Meditation in the early mornings of the longer herbal workshops she offered. Susun found the women responded more readily to the spirit of the plants when they felt centered and balanced within, allowing the teachings of the plants to enter.

    As a result women would come to me and ask to know more or want to write it down to remember so they could take it home and practice, hence, the booklet was born. With great perserverance by Justine Smythe and Jan Cohen, our illustrator, we would work into the wee hours on borrowed typewritter and hand pasting in the little cabin in the woods until to the best of our ability it came together in written form.

    The women were pleased! and the men too.

    We established the thought into action that the money generated would go to help children as this dance is dedicated to the seventh generation.

    Now as we look back some years later seeds have blossomed and lives have been uplifted. We are grateful. It seems I taught the dance at the Wise Woman Center for about fifteen years.

    There have been many beautiful memories for me of sharing the Seven Directions Movement Meditation with others on this blessed Motherearth. From a circle of one to a hundred women during the Harmonic Convergence at the Michigan Womens Music Festival in 1987. It has traveled into university nursing programs and to the far reaches of Lhasa, Tibet.

    A gift of beauty, if by chance you have first come upon the Seven Directions Movement Meditation treat it as you would a friend you have not seen in a long time. Get to know it, spend time with it. Bring your personal attributes and connection to the directions as well, all within the circle is sacred, all outside the circle is sacred, all is sacred.

    Grandmother Twylah has said we honor the traditions of the past and each generation adds something.

    We trust the dance has embraced many in a positive way. As it continues to strengthen the Pathway of Peace, the Cycles of Truth brought forth by Grandmother Twylah and her mother Blue Flower, her father, Moses Shongo, all the way back to its origin the Peacemaker.

    We keep the teachings of peace alive.
    Da Na Ho!


    I am White Feather (o' ah dah gah gen), messenger of Peace, I was inititiated into the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Seneca Indian Historical Society by my elder and mentor Yehwehnode-2-Wolves, Twylah Nitsch in 1985. Honored as a Peace Elder in 1990. I am certified to teach directly by Grandmother Twylah and instructed by her to spread the wisdom wheel teachings to as many people who are eager to learn. We refined and defined the Seven Directions Movement Meditation together. I am the author of the Seven Directions Movement Meditation book and DVD. A holistic nurse for over 30 years, dancer, Buddhist practitioner, herbalist and founder of Catskill Mountain Herbals in 1985. I have been on the teaching team at the Wise Woman Center over 20 years. I reside in the Catskill Mountains with my family.

    Visit White Feather's mentor page.

  • Monday, May 20, 2019 3:03 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Scorpio Full Moon: Secret Solace (Pick A Card)
    by Kathy Crabbe

    Not knowing what to write about this month for the Scorpio Full Moon I pulled a Lefty Oracle card that advised me to simply write and open my heart. These words popped out: lush...paradise...awaits. Be prepared...to fight.

    I was at my relatives this past Sunday and was brought very low by the suffering around me; of death imminent, and of pain, well hidden beneath various attitudes of flippancy, 'fidgetiness' and criticality. I broke down, almost not making it through lunch. I couldn't open my heart. I could barely breathe.

    Later, the next day during my coaching session with Jen DeTracey I cried many times (quietly) and I recognized how anger and the fight within me keep me going and pursuing my dreams. And so, I continue to make a sacred and safe space around me with the help of art.

    Can anger be healthy?
    If you understand how it works, let it out and then use it to propel you to make a difference.

    “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.”

    Scorpio Full Moon: Pick a Card

    Focus gently on your breath.
    Go within.
    Ask a question or leave it open.
    Scroll down for this month's Full Moon Reading.
    *cards are from the lefty oracle and elfin ally oracle decks*

    Scorpio Full Moon Card REVEAL

    Card 1: Kattern is grace under pressure
    Mantra: I am mindful.
    Affirmation: I am in perfect alignment with universal flow.
    Element: Fire

    If this card appears in a reading it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ve got a whole lot goin’ on right now. In fact, in this oracle card Kattern appears to be holding up the sky all on her own, but the key word is ‘grace’. Although your world may be caving in on you right now, you have the fortitude and grace to carry on in style. Your feathers may feel ruffled and your world a shambles, but you do what you need to do without a big fuss or hissy fit. Things are NOT easy right now, but that too will change. So hang tight and wait for reinforcements; both divine and mundane.

    In my own life this card symbolized my turning forty which felt like a rollercoaster ride of emotion that I was unprepared for and shake me up it did. I did my best to transform myself and my world by painting a series of divine feminine paintings on huge four foot by four foot canvases to let it all out, the pain, the sorrow, the joy, and it worked! I got those emotions safely out of me without too much damage control required. What a ride! But I kept my head and channeled the energy with grace and style; it was as messy as all get out, but a work of beauty in the end.

    Card 2:Snake
    Keyword: Insistent
    Meaning: Although the way forward remains a mystery, have faith that you’re on the right path.
    Reversed: Going backward.

    Affirmation: I am quietly perceptive.
    Astrology: Saturn, Scorpio, Pluto
    Element: Earth, Water

    Medicine: Your secrets are safe with me.

    Lore: Deep within the earth she travelled with Snake as her ally for he knew the spiral pathways to her innermost secrets.

    She was encased in sloopy, green sadness where her ally could not reach her. Her tears formed diamonds, her features hard, but in the depths of her soldier's heart beat Snake Medicine, cool, flexible and stinging. She would bounce back.

    Kathy Crabbe has been an artist forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe home they built themselves.

    Kathy’s art and writing has been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, art fairs, magazines and books including the San Diego Women’s History Museum, We’Moon Datebook, and Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach to name a few. She has self-published several books, zines, oracle decks and ecourses and maintains a regularly updated blog, etsy store and portfolio site. Kathy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Queen’s University and a Graphic Design Diploma from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Canada. She has been working as a professional artist since 1992. Kathy has been an educator and mentor at Laguna Outreach Community Artists, Mt. San Jacinto College, Wise Woman University, Inspire San Diego Studio, HGTV, Michelle Shocked’s International Women’s Day Show as well as teaching her own classes: “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul”, and New Moon Circles. She is a founding member of the Temecula Artist’s Circle, the Temecula Writer’s Café and the Riverside Art Museum’s Printmaker’s Network. Metaphysically speaking, Kathy has studied with Francesca De Grandis (Third Road Celtic Faerie Shamanism), Adam Higgs (psychic mediumship), Om, devotee of Sri Chinmoy (meditation), Atma Khalsa (yoga), Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive), Joyce Fournier, RN (Therapeutic Touch), Steven Forrest & Jeffrey Wolf Green (astrology) and she received certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy.
    Learn more here.

    Kathy’s 4 week eClass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” is once again being offered at Wise Woman University so get ready to Moon Collage your heart out starting one week prior to the New Moon each month…more details here: eClass.
  • Monday, May 13, 2019 6:45 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

    Wildcrafting Guidelines
    By: Jessica Godino

    Start with a few easily recognized plants, and get to know new plants slowly.

    Study the poisonous plants that grow in your area, and always know whether the plant you¹re harvesting plant has any poisonous lookalikes.

    Always be sure you have identified a plant correctly, either through the use of a field guide or an experienced harvester.

    Give your full attention to your task; its easy to make mistakes if you¹re distracted.

    Some plants have parts that are edible and parts that are toxic, and some plants have parts that are edible at certain times of the year but toxic at others. Make sure you know which part to use, and when to harvest it.

    As with all foods, some plants will not agree with certain people. Start with small amounts of any wild food that is new to you.

    Ask permission before harvesting on someone else's property

    Avoid areas that are likely to be sprayed, for example around power lines, train tracks, golf courses, and weedless yards. Don't gather within 50 feet from a busy road, especially downhill from one.

    Return often to your harvesting sites, to get to know the plants at different phases of their life cycle.

    Learn which plants are endangered in your area and avoid harvesting them altogether. (Luckily, many edible and medicinal plants are prolific weeds, and you don¹t need to worry about over-harvesting.)

  • Tuesday, May 07, 2019 12:00 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    The Rhythms of Life
    by Anne-Marie Fryer

    Today I went for a walk in my garden, which is nestled among the fields and woods with late summer flowers. It was humid and hot. The leaves of the near by maple trees had begun to turn yellow and orange, one by one spiraling to the ground. I felt the warmth of the air touching my skin and the wet, flexible soil below my feet. With my awareness I began to sense life itself. I sensed inwardly how the earth breathes and changes. I entered into the blue of the sky; let it permeate my whole being and felt the reverence that embraces the earth. I was filled with joy and reverence of just being.

    We live in a world of constant changes. Day transforms into night and summer into winter. Every morning a new day is birthed and every evening it dies away for the night to be born. The moon becomes full, wanes and disappears for three days before it reappears anew. The seasons flow into each other, each giving way for the next. Blessed with these changes, no two days are alike.

    Being attentive to these subtle qualitative differences in our daily lives, we will discover that the vegetation changes during the course of the year and colors have different hues in the different light of the day. Shadows lengthen and shorten, the humidity fluctuates through the seasons, and the wind whirls around at times softly, at times vigorously. We come to know, and appreciate deeply, that life emerges in cosmic cycles and rhythms.  We live within the rhythms of the sun in our sleeping and waking life, and yearly cycles seem to guide our lives.  We become aware that our breathing has rhythms, so does the rhythm of our hearts and digestion. Our menstrual cycle has a rhythm of its own, yet it is also connected with the cycle of the moon. In awe we begin to experience ourselves as human beings of rhythms.  The sense of interconnectedness we have with the cosmos awakens feelings of joy and gratitude. We can work with these cycles and rhythms consciously instead of going sleepily through the day, letting life’s circumstances blow us this way and that.

    Practically, in terms of our daily life style and eating habits, it means that we can consciously create meals that harmonize with the cosmic and earthly rhythms, and find joy in cooking to meet daily and seasonal changes. This is a much different experience than being pushed and pulled by our sensory cravings or intellect, which most often eventually lead to unhappiness and uneasiness. Instead we can create healthy eating habits in rhythm with nature that lays the foundation for clarity of thought, stability of emotions, strength of motivation, and a healthy sense of well-being.

    Living harmoniously as a being of rhythm within the rhythms in nature begins with experiencing the daily and seasonal changes with a heartful and conscious presence. These changes are related to the journey of the earth as it rhythmically spirals in an ocean of light belonging to the sun and the many stars. What a marvel to bring this picture alive in the imagination! To wonder at our earth/cosmic presence in the bosom of this life-sustaining light enfolds us in continual awe and reverence.

    As I continued strolling through my garden, I gathered a variety of vegetables for our evening meal; leafy greens, round vegetables and roots. I found deep green kale, a few yellow squash still on the vine, and red onions.  I dug up a few burdock. This was hard work.  Burdock are more strongly connected to the grounding earthly forces than other root vegetables like carrots. They spiral downward, penetrating powerfully and deeply into the ground two to three feet. Now it is time to go to the kitchen to make a well balanced meal in harmony with the rhythms of this season.

    Burdock with Cilantro
    Fresh dug burdock and cilantro is a  wonderful combination. Both available in season at most health food stores. When sautéed in a little dark roasted sesame oil the strong individual flavors of burdock and cilantro blend harmoniously.

    2 tablespoons dark roasted sesame oil or extra virgin olive oil
    2 cups burdock root grated large or shaved
    1/4 cup water
    1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce
    3 tablespoons cilantro finely cut
    Edible flowers for garnish

    Heat a skillet, then add oil, and sauté burdock until they release a pleasant nutty aroma.
    Pour water in the skillet, cover and simmer for 10-15 min.
    Season with tamari soy sauce and simmer 2 minutes.
    Add cilantro. Mix well and serve garnished with dandelion flowers.

    Cooking for the Love of the World, Anne-Marie Fryer

    Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt is a Waldorf class and kindergarten teacher, biodynamic farmer, author and nutritional counselor. She has taught nutritional cooking and counseled for 25 years in her homeland Denmark, Europe and the United States.

    She trained as a macrobiotic cooking teacher and counselor and studied the principles of oriental medicine and the research of Dr. Weston A. Price before embracing the anthroposophical approach to nutrition, food and cooking.


    This Four week course will explore some of the many benefits of fermented and cultured foods, and why it is important to include them regularly with every meal. You will be guided through the steps of making sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled vegetables, kefir, soft cheese, and yogurt, as well as get a chance to discover new fermented drinks such as kvass, wines, and beers. I will aim at answering personal questions around your culturing and fermenting experiences.

    Intuitively we know that cultured and fermented foods are real health foods. Naturally fermented and cultured foods are an exceptional way to prepare different ingredients and some of the most important side dishes and condiments in our diet. They are often overlooked or not mentioned when we describe what we had for dinner, and yet they are pivotal in creating a well-balanced, nutritious meal.

    They add a bounty of nourishing, life-promoting substances and life forces, almost miraculous curative properties, and a wealth of colors, flavors, and shapes. They increase the appetite, stimulate the digestion, and make any simple meal festive and satisfying. The course will be highly practical with many hands-on activities.


    In this Four week course you will learn about the nutritional needs of your growing child and receive delicious, seasonal, wholesome nutritious menus and recipes on affordable budget so as to encourage children to eat and live healthy.

    During this course we will explore the nutritious needs for your growing child.

    We will discover how rhythm, simplicity and nourishing activities support a healthy child development. You will find new ways to encourage your child to develop a taste for natural, wholesome foods as well as receive and create delicious, seasonal nutritious menus and recipes that stay within the limits of your budget.

    Cooking for the Love of the World:
    Awakening our Spirituality through Cooking

    by Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt

    A heart-centered, warmth-filled guide to the nurturing art of cooking. 200 pages, softbound

  • Friday, May 03, 2019 10:39 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    New Moon in Taurus
    by Kathy Crabbe

    Everythin's a changin' all the time. I've been putting painting FIRST with the help of my coach, Jen DeTracey and I feel like a kid again. Now if only my hair was still red (or brown hehehe). Below is the fruit of my labour (cats and other animals painted on rustic wood slices of oak and sugar bush turned into jewelry...more pix and videos here) plus a 4 card oracle spread so you can pick a card for the Taurus New Moon on May 4.

    What feeds your soul?

    Taurus New Moon: Pick a Card

    Relax your breath.
    Go within.
    Ask a question (or not)
    and then scroll down for this month's New Moon Reading.

    *cards are from the lefty oracle and elfin ally oracle decks*

    Taurus New Moon Card REVEAL

    Card 1: Guess poet

    Mantra: I am present.
    Affirmation: I dream the Divine in everything. The poet within wants to sing!
    Element: Air

    If this card appears in a reading It's time to go more deeply into your current journal practice by branching out into another form of writing such as poetry, creative writing, automatic writing, non dominant hand printing, dream analysis, drama, song writing, to name a few. Take some time to sit quietly and gather your thoughts and then simply plunge in and start writing. Time yourself or set a word limit such as writing one hundred words a day, no more or no less. Working with this kind of restrictive format can help you 'go with the flow' so look out for poetry appearing like magick without much effort at all.

    In my own life I spent a few weeks writing one hundred words a day and poetry just flowed out of me. It was so easy.

    Card 2: Seagull

    Keyword: Freedom

    Meaning: Be bold and daring in your approach.

    Reversed: You are earthbound and not ready to move forward.

    Affirmation: I am free.
    Astrology: Cancer, Moon, Neptune, Pisces
    Element: Water

    Medicine: You embody the WIND, the AIR, our breath – pure and in the moment, free to BE.

    Lore: She was in awe. Her ally, the Seagull, meant everything to her. He was freedom, joy, eternal flight, and to where, she didn't care.

    I am free, you tell me over and over again until I hear your voice in my bones and I can fly – free, beautiful and loud!

    Card 3: Crazee Janice dancing as fast as she can

    Mantra: I ride the roller coaster.
    Affirmation: I slow things down step-by-step.
    Element: Spirit

    If this card appears in a reading anything could happen! Things are going fast and so are you. Is it time to slow down yet? Can you manage it? Breathe...repeat. This too shall pass.

    In my own life I have been on this sort of rollercoaster life ride before, especially during the early stages of menopause which also occurred during my astrological mid life transition. It's called Uranus Opposition and it occurs for all of us around the age of forty. It was a ride I could NOT seem to get off! Crazee indeed. But I survived and even though I knew it was going to happen all I could do was to hang on. Sorry, no great advice to offer you, other than to get ready!

    Card 4: Kingfisher

    Keyword: Awake
    Meaning: You have a calling. What is it? Allow your inner compass to guide you to the answer.
    Reversed: Noise and confusion disrupt your peace of mind.

    Affirmation: I am cherished.
    Astrology: Leo, Neptune, Pisces, Pluto, Saturn
    Element: Earth, Fire, Water

    Medicine: Your inventive ways invigorate and brighten our days.
    Lore: She was fine, just fine, with all that was, will be, and is. With Kingfisher as her ally she could light up a room, and spark your heart 'til it glowed.

    "Always and forever we will be friends," said this elf to her ally, the Kingfisher, for he brought her fish each day and she treated him to a rhyme and a prayer in return.

    Elfin Ally Oracle Deck

    Lefty Oracle Deck

    Kathy Crabbe has been an artist forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe home they built themselves.

    Kathy’s art and writing has been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, art fairs, magazines and books including the San Diego Women’s History Museum, We’Moon Datebook, and Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach to name a few. She has self-published several books, zines, oracle decks and ecourses and maintains a regularly updated blog, etsy store and portfolio site. Kathy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Queen’s University and a Graphic Design Diploma from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Canada. She has been working as a professional artist since 1992. Kathy has been an educator and mentor at Laguna Outreach Community Artists, Mt. San Jacinto College, Wise Woman University, Inspire San Diego Studio, HGTV, Michelle Shocked’s International Women’s Day Show as well as teaching her own classes: “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul”, and New Moon Circles. She is a founding member of the Temecula Artist’s Circle, the Temecula Writer’s Café and the Riverside Art Museum’s Printmaker’s Network. Metaphysically speaking, Kathy has studied with Francesca De Grandis (Third Road Celtic Faerie Shamanism), Adam Higgs (psychic mediumship), Om, devotee of Sri Chinmoy (meditation), Atma Khalsa (yoga), Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive), Joyce Fournier, RN (Therapeutic Touch), Steven Forrest & Jeffrey Wolf Green (astrology) and she received certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy.
    Learn more here.

    Kathy’s 4 week eClass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” is once again being offered at Wise Woman University so get ready to Moon Collage your heart out starting one week prior to the New Moon each month…more details here: eClass.
  • Monday, April 29, 2019 7:47 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

    Got Ramps?!

    by Thea Summer Deer,  D.S.P.S

    photo by Thea Summer Deer

    Worthy of its own festival, ramps are a springtime rite celebrating a Southern Appalachian delicacy. Smelly as a ram in spring, ramps get their nickname from the Old English word “ramson” for wild garlic. They are also affectionately known as the spring onion, wild leek, and in French, ail sauvage and ail des bois, which translates as (no surprise!) wild garlic. This might lead one to think that there are ramps in France, but the French name comes from the Canadian province of Quebec where this wild food also emerges in the springtime. Once considered a lowly member of the leek family, Allium tricoccum, is a perennial member of the onion family, Alliaceae, which has a newfound status as a gourmet wild food. Ramps are popular in the cuisines of the rural upland South and in Quebec appearing in upscale restaurants throughout North America. It is a native of rich, damp woodlands in the eastern US and is becoming vulnerable to over harvesting. Ramps are gaining so fast in popularity, in fact, that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has banned their collection. A permit can still be obtained to dig ramps in the Nantahala and Pisgah National forests of North Carolina.

    Slow growing ramps grow in clusters strongly rooted just beneath the organic layer of soil over a limestone outcropping on a north-facing slope that is timbered in hard woods on a well-shaded floodplain or above a streambed. They must be carefully dug in order not to tear the leaves or break their delicate bulb. Unmistakable with their garlicky odor and onion like flavor, ramps are only available for a few weeks in the spring. Mature ramps have two or three broad, smooth, shiny green leaves arising from a purplish lower stem that connects underground to a scallion-like, white, elongated bulb. Ramps can be commercially cultivated, but propagation from seed is difficult. It is possible to transplant them into loose, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter, and plenty of shade and moisture.

    Other plants you may observe scattered among the ramps are the Trout Lily, Bloodroot and Trillium. There are a couple of look-alikes that one should be aware of and they are Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) and Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) which like the ramp are small and two-leafed. Lily of the Valley is considered to be highly poisonous, and the Trout Lily will induce vomiting. Neither of these has the distinct odor or bulb of the ramp. The young Trout Lily sends up only one leaf, which is much smaller than ramps, and the older leaves are mottled. The young Trout Lily is the one most commonly mistaken for a ramp as it also has a purplish stem. It’s single leaf and lack of ramp odor is its give-away.

    So let us welcome the ‘Comin’ O’ Spring’ with a pungent treat and deep appreciation for these bright green ‘wild leeks’, as they are called in the north. An important spring tonic after a long cold winter, both leaves and bulbs are edible and medicinal. They are easily prepared and can be substituted in any recipe that calls for leeks, onions, scallions or garlic. Their pungent flavor helps to disperse mucus, stimulate digestion, and improve sluggish liver function. Its mildly diaphoretic action offers protection against colds. Best combined with grains, which are moderately mucus forming, they disperse stagnant blood and increase qi energy. Eating ramps in combination with grains (full sweet) is a wonderful way to attune to spring.

    Folks have long been celebrating the ramp with annual festivals like the one in Cosby, Tennessee that has been going on for over 50 years. One of the highlights of this festival is the crowning of the “Maid of Ramps” in a celebration of music, dance and ritual. But the festival need not be any further than your own kitchen to celebrate the gourmet side of this native plant. And here’s a little secret for you: If you happen to be out in the woods hunting for ramps – keep your eyes open for morels, they like a similar habitat and are ready to harvest at the same time. Fresh morel mushrooms cooked up with a ‘mess o’ ramps’ is heaven on earth!

    Wild Ramp and Mushroom Sauté

    • 3 tablespoons bacon grease from organic, nitrate and nitrite free bacon
    • 2 cups chopped ramps, leaves and bulb
    • 1 cup chopped fresh morels
    • dash white wine or herbal vinegar
    • salt and pepper to taste

    Sauté mushrooms in bacon grease until tender. Turn up the heat and using a quick high-temperature sauté method, add ramps and cook until tender, stirring frequently. Add vinegar, then remove from heat and add salt and pepper to taste. Serve on top of fish, meat or favorite grain.

    photos by Thea Summer Deer


    Learn more about Thea's courses at the Wise Woman University

    Thea Summer Deer, Ph.D. is a clinical herbalist, educator, author and singer-songwriter. She began practicing midwifery in 1978 and was a founding mother of the South Florida School of Midwifery.

    Her involvement in Alternative Medicine spans 35 years as owner of Mindbody Press and Evolutionary Press, and as the executive director of Resources for World Health. She is a graduate of the Botanologos School for Herbal Studies and received her doctorate from Venus Rising University.

    Mother, Grandmother, avid cook and gardener, Thea is also an award winning songwriter performing in the acoustic duo, Thea & The GreenMan.

    Her new book, "Wisdom of the Plant Devas: Herbal Medicine for a New Earth," published by Inner Traditions International/Bear & Company, bridges botanical medicine with Earth-Spirit wisdom. ~~ Order Here ~~

    Learn more at www.theasummerdeer.com or "Like" her on Facebook.
  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019 6:09 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

            Plant Medicine: Plants as Spiritual

    Teachers & Allies
            by Jane Sherry


    Plants have been our allies, our protectors, our food and medicine as long as there has been life on earth. The physical and spiritual presence of plants is deeply interconnected with our earthly existence throughout our lives.

    Photosynthesis helps create a breathable atmosphere. Plant life nourishes all animal existence. Plant mysteries and histories are interwoventhe Art of Phyllis Tarlow into our psyches and our mythology, present in our relations with one another, with all spiritual beings, and with our dear home, Planet Earth.

    Flowers and seeds, stems and leaves, roots and fruits feed us and clothe us, house and protect us, soothe our fevers and our fears and form the basis of our rituals and celebrations. Plant medicine has helped women and men to conceive life, to nurture life, and to die with grace and dignity.

    Plants, like the myriad varieties of people on earth, have special qualities & abilities. Each of us resonates most harmoniously with specific plants and plant medicines. These plants are our allies, our spiritual guides and helpers. Our plant alliances nurture our physical and emotional bodies and assist us in our earthly and cosmic journeys.

    The cycles of plant life provide a rhythm that shapes the seasons of our lives and informs our very language, so that plants serve us there as well, by helping us to connect to place, to the soil of our culture and to our spirit.

    We say we are feeling grounded when we are centered and feeling connected to our environment and our spirit. We say we are feeling ungrounded when we feel disconnected from ourselves or from others.

    We say we have put down roots when we have established ourselves and feel at home in our surroundings. When we move to a new land or a new job, we say we have found new soil in which to grow; we are transplants. We say that we are planting seeds for the future when we are germinating new ideas, cultivating new friends and relationships. We say we are branching out when we try something new. When we make big changes in our lives, when we have breakthroughs, we say that we are breaking new ground. As we incorporate these new ways into our lives our habits change and we say we are growing new roots.

    The adage, "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree", is about the continuum from one generation to the next. We use the word seed to connote sperm, descendants, continuity and new beginnings, or to connote the origins of events, families, emotions or other states of being.

    We even name our children after plants and flowers. Babies and young children are sometimes called sprouts. We say that pubescent, blushing youth is budding when we describe their newfound sexuality, that they blush like the bloom of pink on a white rose; their budding new sexuality then flowers as they become young women and young men. To bloom is to flourish, to shine with life force in full early earthly expression of a maturing life.

    Our alliance with the plant world is so deeply rooted in our psyches that spiritual and religious traditions from the Neolithic era to the present reflect the imagery of growth, flowering, fruiting, sacrificial death, decay and rebirth that characterizes the cycle of plant life around the world.

    Plants have always been our magical companions in our evolution here on earth, and will continue to evolve in their abilities to assist us to become more conscious, more kind, more loving in our relations.

    Horticulture, is the cultivation of a garden, from the Latin 'hortus' for garden, and the Indo European word for culture. Gardening is the cultivation of the soul, not just the soil. When planting a seed, through our faith and love, we concentrate and focus the forces of the universe to prepare a suitable environment for the conception of new life. Through our faith and love and conscious partnership with the cosmic and earthly forces of nature, we nurture and fertilize the sprouting seed over time, until the growing plant reaches its full expression in flower or fruit.

    Because soul gardening involves bringing into full consciousness an intuitive connection with plant allies, gardeners have a unique opportunity to work spiritually with each living being in the garden, and to establish a unique relationship with the plants we nurture. Each one of us has the ability to ask for and receive help from our plant allies.

    It is easy and rewarding to find out what plants are your personal allies either through dreams or meditation. Before you go to sleep at night, or before a meditation, formulate the intent to meet your plant ally. Most likely they are already growing right around you in your backyard, or in a nearby park. It may take several attempts to make contact. You may see a plant or flower or fruit, or you may hear a voice telling you the name of your ally. You may see a color or smell a fragrance, and then during the session or later, perhaps while walking in the garden or a park, you may see a plant that reminds you of what you saw or smelled in your dream or during your meditation.

    Once you have contacted your plant ally, you can sit quietly, and speak with the spirit of the plant. You can get to know your plant ally by brewing up a cup of herb tea or taking flower essences, but the most direct way is to live in partnership & communion with a growing plant or garden of plants, flowers, herbs & shrubs.

    Plant seeds on a windowsill or in your garden. Grow herbs and flowers, make your own herb teas, and flower essences. Grow and eat more flowers and plants, like violets and dandelions, in your salads and other dishes, and thank them for their tireless service. Remember to leave wild places in your yard or farm for the plant spirits to play.

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