Improving Sperm Motility, Normality and Count

Thursday, July 31, 2014 4:34 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Improving Sperm Motility, Normality and Count

An email question is answered on Blog Talk Radio from a woman whom has been trying to conceive for two years. Her partner has recently been tested and his sperm count came back low and would like advice on improving sperm count. Susun takes information from her book Down There Sexual and Reproductive Health The Wise Woman Way. Susun says pumpkin seeds, oatstraw infusion and astragalus will improve motility, normality and count of sperm but will take a least two months. Susun goes a little deeper and explains how each of these things works. Susun talks about zinc rich food to increase sperm count and also avocado, gingsing and acupuncture. She talks about the sources of heat that degrade sperm count. Susun talks about supplements that can improve sperm and cautions. This audio is just over 9 minutes in length.


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