Week of March 16, 2013 - longevity of Herbs and elmed matzo brie recipe

Saturday, March 16, 2013 8:22 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Longevity of Herbs

How long an herb can be stored and stay useful depends on many factors, primarily

1.    The weather when the herb is harvested needs to be dry and sunny to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria on the dried herbs.
2.    Organic and wild-grown plant seem to last longer than commercial herbs.
3.    Harvesting the herb at the right time in its growth assures the longest lasting dried herb. Using a sharp cutting tool is also important.
4.    Herbs need to be dried immediately after they are harvested. Protein-rich herbs are fussy and need to be handled in special ways. Other herbs are tougher and easier to dry.
5.    Herbs stored in a cool, dry place will retain usefulness for the longest possible time.
6.    Herbs kept as whole as possible will store for longer than those that have been cut or powdered.

Elmed Matzo Brie
for two

2 whole wheat matzos, broken into small pieces
4 organic eggs from down the road, beaten with a palmful of water
1-3 tablespoonfuls of slippery elm powder (or 1 each slippery elm and astragalus powders)
½ teaspoonful sea salt
2 tablespoons organic butter or coconut oil

Beat slippery elm powder into the eggs. Add broken matzo pieces. Let soak for as long as it takes to read the funny pages in the newspaper or to do the daily crossword. If these are inconceivable luxuries, then soak the matzo in the egg and slippery elm overnight and it will be ready to cook in the morning.

To cook, melt butter in a heavy (cast iron) skillet. Add soaked matzo and any extra egg to the skillet all at once. Lower heat a bit and cook until it is firm enough to turn over, hopefully as one piece. Continue to cook until the egg is set and the matzo is hot.

Delicious with fresh fruit and maple syrup or sour cream, though I like a savory version, with herbed tara cheese as the topping.

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