Ezine - Week of June 14, 2013, part 3 - fresh herb spit poultice recipe

Friday, June 14, 2013 9:18 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Fresh herb spit poultice
This type of poultice is immediate first aid for
bleeding wounds, stings, bites, itches, sprains, cuts, scrapes. . .

  • Pinch off one or two medium-sized plantain leaves or
  • Pinch or cut one large yarrow leaf from the bottom of the plant or
  • Cut a piece of comfrey flower stalk or leaf petiole.
Chew the fresh plant material for 10-30 seconds.
Mix it well with your saliva. Apply to your boo-boo.
Or, have the injured person chew the fresh plant material and help them apply it.

Bleeding usually stops within 30-60 seconds.
Pain and itching is generally relieved within 10-30 seconds.
Hold spit poultices on with an adhesive bandage for long-term benefit.
I keep a spit poultice bandage on until the wound is well healed.

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