Week of August 16, 2013 - shamanic plant Lobelia inflate in the raw

Saturday, August 17, 2013 10:28 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Lobelia in the Raw

Lobelia inflate is my favorite plant for opening the gateway to the fairy realms.
Eating a single flower, if done in the right frame of mind, can enable you to hear the songs of the green nations. This recipe only works with fresh, raw
Lobelia inflata, not dried, not other species.
Pick only one flower, per plant, no more!

Eating Lobelia is a sacrament to me. The tiny blossom with the enormous taste sits on my tongue and opens my ears to the language of the plants.

* Find a plant of Lobelia inflata in flower. Sit with it for a while. Breathe.
* Ask permission to pick a single flower. If there are no flowers left, only inflated seed pods and green leaves, ask permission to pick half of a lower leaf.
* Place the flower on your tongue. Close your eyes. Breathe.
* You will feel a slow fire burning its way up into your head. Open your crown chakra so you don’t get a headache.
* You will feel a queasiness in your throat or your stomach. It is not for nothing this plant is called “puke weed.” But it is unlikely in the extreme that you will actually throw up, don’t worry.
* I think the ideal thing to do next is to take off your shoes (and your clothes) and go for a walk in the deep dark woods. But sitting in your garden or the park, fully clothed (but barefoot please), works too. The effect is not so strong that you could not drive if you wanted to, or even “operate heavy machinery.”

If you cannot find a Lobelia inflata plant, you may do this with another shamanic plant of your choice.

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