Week of August 27, 2013 - lacto-fermented cucumbers recipe

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 12:49 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Lacto-fermented Cucumbers

I can deal with lots of zucchini, but the recent flood of cucumbers left me grasping for creative ways to use the darn things. I even resorted to serve them as a cooked vegetable. (Not bad.) Then I checked out what Sally Fallon has to say about cucumbers, and lickety-split, I had them all taken care of. If you are awash in cucumbers, try this.

  • Wash cucumbers. Cut into your favorite pieces. I prefer spears. Some like slices.
  • Pack pieces tightly into a wide-mouthed canning jar.
  • If desired, add cloves of peeled raw garlic here and there in the jar.
  • If desired, add fresh dill or mustard seed.
  • Pour one tablespoonful of sea salt on top of the cucumbers in the jar.
  • Add four tablespoonfuls of whey to the jar. (Let some plain yogurt sit in your refrigerator for a while and a clear liquid – whey – will form on the top.) (Sally says do not use powdered whey.)
  • Fill the jar to within an inch of the top with non-chlorinated water.
  • Lid tightly. Very tightly.
  • Let sit in a shady place at room temperature for 48-50 hours, then refrigerate.
  • Your lacto-fermented cucumbers are ready to eat in six weeks but grow better with age.

Thank you Sally Fallon

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