Week of November 5, 2013 - tour of the CSA garden

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 12:19 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Green greetings of joy to you all!

Would you like to accompany the apprentices and me on a field trip? We are going to a local organic farm to see what there is to harvest now that first frosts have come. It’s sunny but chilly, so dress warmly.

The farm is a CSA farm. Community Supported Agriculture. Rather like the initials after EagleSong’s name: CCH, which stand for Community Created/Certified Herbalist. If you aren’t already a member of a CSA, I urge you to join. Of course, in most part of North America, the gardening season is done, so it is perhaps difficult to think ahead to what you will be eating next summer. But now is the time to join a CSA. I am sure there is one in your area.

First we have to drive south, to get to the bridge over the mighty Hudson River. What a stunning view! Rays of sunlight finger straight through banks of clouds into the river beneath us and the mountains at our backs. We leave behind the rocks of the Catskills and head to the “rich” side of the river, where there is fertile soil.

Now back north along the river, through farmland. Acres and acres of pick your own apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, pumpkins, and more, in season, not now. Sweet corn all gone, all eaten and enjoyed; all that is left are the brown stalks rustling in the fields. The eye goes on and on across the land with little impediment. So different from my cliff-and-hollow existence at home.

Here we are. If the ferry were still running, we could have gotten here more directly, if a little slower. This way. We are going to the pick-your-own plantings at the CSA farm. I really enjoy this part of being a member; they have so many more weeds than I do, and they are happy to have me take them.

What will we find? Where crops were harvested and the land unseeded, there are great swaths of barbara’s cress. Between the rows, lots of lamb’s quarter, amaranth seed heads, shepherd’s purse in flower, the large leaves of first-year mullein, and straggly first-year burdock. And in the herb garden, rows of frosted-on-the-tips dill and cilantro/coriander, plus thriving beds of parsley, sage, thyme, and chives, but only blackened stalks where the basils once grew.

I’ll continue next week with our great finds in the rest of the cut-your-own garden at our CSA and turn my attention to the live-out apprentices, who will graduate this weekend, and my granddaughter, who will turn six in a few weeks, and the goats, who need to be bred so we will have milk and cheese and yogurt next year, and to make some stock for vegetable soup.

Keep on looking for green blessings all around you, they are everywhere!

~ Weed Walk ~

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