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Monday, February 01, 2016 7:40 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Through the Years with Justine

My beautiful daughter, who modeled in Manhattan as a baby and child, grows through her awkward years in the country and matures into an elegant, beautiful, intelligent, feisty woman living in San Francisco with her father by the age of 14.

1974: Justine and Thecla, Free-School days. Justine is 8.

1975: Justine reading on the lawn at Lucy’s cottage. Justine is 9.

1975: Justine with green collar, undated photo. Justine is 9.

1976: Justine in yellow, undated photo
. Justine is 10.

1977: Justine and Susun, beautiful professional shot taken to celebrate Justine’s 11th birthday.

1978: Justine with scarf. Growing, growing, growing up. Justine is 12.

1980: Justine on red couch. In my parent’s house in California. Justine is 14.

~ Candlemas ~

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