Week of February 16, 2016 - Fifty Years of Justine and Susun, contd.- Part 3

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 12:32 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Fifty Years of Justine and Susun, contd. 

2002: Susun as the Statue of Liberty at the Green Goddess Apprentice Week goddess pageant: Because, while others see me as Baba Yaga – and I do not deny them – my personal goddess archetype is a woman with a headband . . . a headband with spikes! A woman who holds the torch of truth. A woman who is larger than life. Artemis was my goddess archetype for decades. Diane is my middle name, so even my mother knew I was dedicated to Her. I have always been the woman who runs (barefoot) with the wolves, the wild woman who howls at the moon, attends birthing women, and knows the secret language of the plants. And I will always be Her. Yet, as I celebrated more and more birthdays, passing into the second fifty years of my life, Artemis began to seem, dare I say, a little young. And so it came to pass that I chose a goddess archetype for my crone years. Not the archetype that others project onto me, but the archetype who will care for me for all the rest of my days: Lady Lib.

2003: “Strega” by Marie Summerwood: Marie – dear friend, past apprentice, writer, photographer, macrobiotic chef, and so much more (she now leads women’s circles at Rowe) – took all my publicity photographs for years and years. This isn’t a publicity shot, it was just for fun. I have always been awed by the magic swirling about it. Although it’s a black and white photo, the fire seems to leap, glowing, out of the cauldron. Stir your pot Ceridwynn!

2004: Photographic collage portrait by Lani Phillips: Taken while I was staying with her for a conference in Mt. Shasta where I was introduced to orbs. I am a skeptic. Most of the presenters at this conference did little to convince me that their personal brand of “UFO” deserved my attention. But the photographic evidence of the orbs was so stunning that I allowed myself to believe. I wish you could have seen the presentation. The entire conference was videotaped, but I have never seen the videos, alas. Internal politics? Ineptitude? I don’t know. I had a great time with Lani, who is as passionate about the goddess as anyone I have ever met. Check out her Maiden, Mother, and Crone decks at wisewomanbookshop.com. They rock, as does she.

Undated: Spirit guide Susun by Susan Jelis: As I recall, Susan – who also created the large doll in the studio – told me she set out to draw a spirit guide and when the portrait was done, she recognized my face. I do show up in a lot of dreams, so perhaps I “moonlight” as a spirit guide when the need is there.  

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