Week of February 23, 2016 - Fifty Years of Justine and Susun ~ Page Three

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 6:19 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Fifty Years of Justine and Susun ~ Page Three

1979: Garage/Studio was a blessing for us, with three adults and two almost teens needing space, space, space! The studio gained a floor (plywood), and a door (from the second-hand building supply shed over by the reservoir, and a French window (that I found on the street) and we had more space. This photo reminds me of the studio as we first glimpsed it. An ugly face but a beautiful space, now witness to decades of magic and medicine.

1979: Susun at the back door, taking a break from working up firewood. As I mentioned, in those early days, we went out with our chainsaws and felled the trees we needed to keep warm. They say firewood warms you twice: once when you make it and once when you burn it. Looks like we were warm. Our private name for our place was Rowdybush Farm.  A few years later,  I changed it to Laughing Rock Farm.

1979: Susun in red bandana. But what is really interesting is the bare ground where I am sitting. This is the front door of the house and it is June. If you have been here for classes, if you have seen the area by my front door, you may find this photo hard to believe. Patience and compost have transformed this rocky, barren place into the lush green beauty that now surrounds my front door and supports me in teaching others how to recognize and use green blessings. Compare this image from thirty years later!

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