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Monday, March 14, 2016 9:02 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Photos from Costa Rica - Page One
In the Shadow of the Volcano: Thermales del Bosque

Little Waterfall
This idyllic scene is right by a busy bridge with traffic roaring past. The sugar cane harvest was in full swing and huge trucks of cane were hurtling over the stream, which went on its cheerful way with never a care to the traffic.

The Day of the Orchids
A rotten stump is home to a huge clutch of orchids, which only bloom for one day out of the year. Lucky us, we were there on the day of the bloom. Forgive me for taking so many pictures. The individual flowers were bigger than my hand and there were hundreds of them. Wow!

Gigantic Fiddleheads
I included my toes in the composition so you could get an idea of the enormous size of these fiddleheads. All the plants seem to tower in the tropics, with huge leaves and ferns of all sizes dripping down and springing up.

Scented Lily
We arrived at our cabin at Thermales del Bosque in the twilight and were greeted with an enticing scent. The next morning I spotted this deliciously fragrant lily just out our back door, by the goose pond.

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