Week of March 15, 2016 - In the Shadow of the Volcano - Photos from Costa Rica - Page 2

Monday, March 14, 2016 9:25 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Photos from Costa Rica - Page Two
In the Shadow of the Volcano: Thermales del Bosque

Sour plants taste especially good in the tropics. Perhaps we need sour more when we are hot. This year I explored sour red hibiscus in class, will I focus on sour purple oxalis next year? Maybe. This tasty plant grows from the mountains of Ontario to the volcanoes of Costa Rica and all the way to New Zealand and Australia as well. Befriend it and you will never be alone.

Dandelion Gets Around
I was told to be on the lookout for my dear friend Dr. Dandelion in Costa Rica and my observation paid off (after several false starts with fluffy seed heads). Weeds are the best green blessings. And they do grow everywhere.

A Visitor
This beautiful moth was delivered with the fresh laundry and stayed on our window sill for hours. Things this brightly colored are usually poisonous, and our visiting moth did not seem at all apprehensive or paranoid about the many birds in the area.

Here’s Looking at You!
In one of our favorite parks on the way home, I tried, once again, to capture the heavenly blue color of the forget-me-nots. I failed to capture the color, but did come nose to nose with a busy pollinator.

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