Week of April 5, 2016 - Virgin Marys of Ravello, Page Two

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 1:56 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Virgin Marys of Ravello, Page Two

Mary of the Grotto. Look in the upper third of the photo, near the bottom of the large dark area of the right, and you will see a white Holy Mother statue. The white structure to the left is the stairs leading up to the shrine of a saint. In the foreground is a small piazza, where locals gather to court and enjoy the night.

Close-up of the grotto Mary. There was no way I could even attempt to take a picture of this mountain. It loomed, leaning in, more than 300 feet above us and this grotto. Immense. Sacred. Unlanguaged. Ancient.

Basrelief on a garden wall. While exploring a wee bit off the most beaten paths of Ravello, I was delighted by this simple, floral Madonna on a garden wall.

The Eternal Bride, Queen of the Night. This figure may have been especially dressed for Easter as that is when I took this photo. The white of her dress and cape is spotless, representing Her unstainable purity, woman owned by no man.

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