Week of April 13, 2016 - Little Things Mean a Lot

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 7:39 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Little Things Mean a Lot

The small things needed for the new barn at Laughing Rock Farm. Please get in touch before you send anything, so we don’t wind up with duplicates and excess. Because goat diseases spread easily, we ask that you donate new items, not used ones. Thank you!!

•    3 baby goat collars, nylon

•    3-4 adult goat collars, leather or nylon

•    2 large wooden or metal bins with sturdy latches to store feed; one approximately 2’ wide x 3.5’ long x 2’ deep and one approximately 2’ x 2’ x 2’

•    sturdy metal scale with platform for weighing the milk pitcher (hanging scales won’t work); quarter pound increments needed; best if the upper limit is 5-8 pounds

•    milk of magnesia

•    fly parasite larva (they do a super job of eliminating flies in the barn)

•    hoof trimers, small; both surfaces with a cutting edge

•    blue hoof coat, liquid

•    large tin of bag balm

•    3 one-quart feed bowls, metal or sturdy plastic

•    4 two-quart feed bowls, metal or sturdy plastic

•    6 holders for small salt blocks

•    6 nylon leads, 3-6 feet long, with swivel clips

•    2-3 more enclosed candle lanterns to fire-proof our night lighting (one was already gifted to us)

•    3 brushes: 1 large soft brush for overall brushing, 1 large hard brush for overall brushing, and 1 very heavy-duty small brush for removing muck from the feet of the goat on the milk-stand.

As items become accounted for, they will be marked through... Thank you!!

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