Week of June 1 - The Goats have Returned! - Page Three

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 2:04 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

The Goats Have Returned, Page Three

While they settled in, I put out a spread to nourish all who took me up on my open house invitation to welcome the goats. Here is the Nettle Astragalus Shiitake Soup I made for the occasion. There was also linden infusion, wild salad, goat cheese, organic whole wheat breads, olives, hummus, sauerkraut, and our special locally-raised and home-smoked turkey, venison, chicken, and pork. I got to work on the memorial library in the lulls, and had wonderful chats with visitors, including farmer John, who told us some amazing local stories, at other times.

A new neighborhood story is the goat tower. Covered in plastic all winter, looking like someone with their hat tied on by rope, the tower is now uncovered, looking good, and expecting a roof – soon! The rafters will be attached to a plate bolted to the upper edge of the tower.  From that plate and the rafters, a six-foot high, twelve-sided, copper-covered cone will be built, topped by a beautiful goat weather vane of copper, thanks to Sarah McCallum.

We will give you peeks in the coming weeks as the carpenters and then the roofers work their magic.
And thanks again, and again, to each of you for supporting me emotionally, financially, herbally, beautifully, and deeply in this transition.

Green blessings of abundance to you all.

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