Week of August 16, 2016 - Top Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices, Part 4

Monday, August 15, 2016 11:57 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Top Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices
& Ten Better Choices
c. 2016, Susun S Weed

4. Following a Vegan Diet

How does the body work?
Our bodies are adept at making do with what we feed them, but there are certain critical nutrients that we cannot make. These limiting nutrients must be ingested. Limiting nutrients – including omega3 fatty acids, heme, vitamin B12, minerals (such as calcium, iron, zinc), and amino acids –are found abundantly in foods of animal origin, but are impossible or difficult to utilize from the plants in a vegan diet. In fact, fortified foods (like nutritional yeast) or supplements (like spirulina or B12) are required just to maintain health when on a vegan diet. This alone tells us that a vegan diet is not capable of sustaining life, and, in fact, can ruin your health.
I would need to write a book to go into all the problems, misinformation, and ignorance that is put out in support of vegan diets. The vast majority of people fare very poorly on a diet lacking in dairy and meat, and no one benefits from a diet missing fish. The health benefits of vegan diets are grossly overstated, and the very real problems hushed up. Let’s look at one of the major problems associated with lack of meat in the diet.

What is heme and why do we need to eat meat to get it?  Heme, a component of blood, makes blood red. Heme – as iron protoporphyrinis – is  the key part of hemoglobin. Heme allows blood to carry oxygen to our cells. We cannot create our own heme; we cannot take a heme supplement; no plant contains heme. We must ingest the muscles, organs, or blood of other animals to get life-maintaining heme. We can get iron from non-animal sources, but not heme. Because heme is critical to life, it is conserved in the body when supplies are low. When heme is conserved, the peripheral circulation shuts down, and the hands and feet become ice cold. (Ever notices how cold the hands of vegans are? Eventually, all major systems are adversely impacted due to lack of heme.

Most vegans claim to love animals. I doubt it. When humans love something, they want to be close to it, they want to be one with it, they want it in their bodies. Vegans don’t want to be intimate with animals; they refuse to have them in their lives or their bodies; I cannot construe that as love. It is hateful and hate-filled. When we consume lovingly-raised animals, we support small farms that use animal manure to raise organic crops. Eating animals that are loved, and the eggs and milk they give, is one of the most spiritual ways I have found to be intimate with and express love for animals.

: Eat a plant-based diet with lots of cooked, frozen, dried, and fermented vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans. Include fish at least once a week. Eat a quart of yogurt a week. Eat red meat at least once a year. Support people who love animals by eating only the best animal products and by being willing to pay more for those products. Visit an organic farm that raises animals as well as produce and learn about manure, compost and soil fertility. Get to know your food from the ground up.

Learn More: http://www.beyondveg.com/

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