Week of August 31, 2016 - Green Goddess Apprentice Week, Part 2

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 6:53 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Green Goddess Apprentice Week, part 2

A Field of Chanterelle Patches

All right. Here we are at my favorite spot for chanterelles, and look how many there are. Can you locate this delicious mushroom? Using the previous photos as your guide, how many patches of chanterelles can you find in this photo? (.tsael ta eerht) And I seem to have caught a blue fairy at work, too. Can you find her? (.thgir retneC)

Green Goddess Wild Salad

Twice every day the Green Goddesses took to the fields and gardens of Laughing Rock Farm at the Wise Woman Center to harvest weeds and wild plants (and sometimes even a cultivated flower or two) for the wild salad we have with lunch and dinner. This particular magnificent creation, this work of art, was inspired by the Power Shield Mandalas painted by each Green Goddess during her time here. It includes pink Rose of Sharon petals, white Queen Anne’s Lace blossoms, purple shiso, purple lettuce, lamb’s quarter, giant chickweed, five-finger ivy, oxalis (wood sorrel), sheep sorrel, wild oregano, plantain, wild mint, and heal all.

Green Goddess Cauldron of Nourishment

With thanks to Mollie Katzen, the Green Goddesses all gather in the world’s smallest kitchen to make Russian Cabbage Beet Borscht (from the original Moosewood Cookbook). One woman slices beets. One woman chops cabbage. One woman dices celery. One woman cuts carrots. One woman prepares potatoes. One woman peels the onions. (And leaves them whole, awaiting my blade). One woman finds dried dill and caraway seeds in the herb cabinet and grinds them with salt. One woman goes to the storage area or the freezer for a jar or a bag of tomatoes. One woman stirs. We all sing. We make soup. The cauldron bubbles. And then, the next day, after our cauldron has boiled and cooled, we eat our soup – and our wild salad and whole grain bread and organic butter and goat cheese – and we eat the wisdom of women supporting each other. That’s the Wise Woman Way, healing by nourishing health/wholeness/holiness. 

High Magic Morning

The Green Goddesses are about to set off on their procession to the ritual ground. But first, a photo op, a chance to stand tall and proud in well-nourished body, self-confident, and knowing completely, without a doubt, that each of us is a precious child of the Universe, joyous and free, loved and cherished. Who will choose to be initiated as a green witch? What commitment will she make? Our week is over, our lives will never be the same. Green blessings (and sparkly green toenails) are everywhere.

~ Weed Walk - Teasel ~

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