Week of September 7 - Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices - Colonics

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Top Ten Worst Diet and Healthcare Choices

& Ten Better Choices

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7. A colonic is a type of enema, sometimes referred to as a “high enema.” During a colonic, also known as a colon cleanse, very large amounts of fluid – as much as 16 gallons of water, herbal brew, or coffee – are pumped into the large intestine through a tube inserted into the rectum. Proponents believe that this irrigation of the bowel is required to remove intestinal toxins and things that are “stuck” in the “folds of the gut” which are responsible for a host of problems from headaches to allergies. This persistent idea – which has gone through phases of popularity and rejection over a thousand-year period – is staging a comeback due to a major marketing campaign by Dr. Mishori and endorsement by celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé Knowles.

A meta-analysis published in Journal of Family Medicine, concluded that colon cleansing has a host of dangerous side effects, including death, yet provides no known health benefits.

“Coffee enemas used in colon cleansing have been linked to several deaths.”

How does the body work? The digestive tract is lined with mucus cells which prevent anything from getting stuck in the intestines. These cells are replaced daily. You can see how fast these cells turn over by 1. noticing how quickly wounds in the mouth heal, and 2. remembering that chemotherapy (which kills rapidly-reproducing cells) is very destructive to the gut.

I asked over 5000 surgeons and surgical nurses (who have been present when the human intestines were opened) if they saw “toxins” or “old fecal matter” stuck to the inside of the intestines. The more polite said “No.” The less polite laughed in my face. Colonics do not remove toxins, but they do remove electrolytes, minerals critically necessary for good health. Colon cleansing cannot promote health. Colonics can only critically dehydrate your cells and leave you feeling a lot worse due to the inevitable side effects: cramping, bloating, nausea, vomiting, excessive urination, infection, and (in rare cases) perforation of the bowel and death.

Colonics, like enemas, are habit-forming. The muscular movement of food through the intestines is called peristalsis. Peristalsis, like swallowing, is a complicated finely-tuned, and precisely-timed interaction of muscles, nerves, and hormones. Introducing liquids into the large intestine disrupts peristalsis, resulting in short-term bowel irregularities and long-term habituation as peristalsis is more and more injured.

Instead: Eat more fiber. Fiber is like a brush that sweeps the intestines. A fiber-rich diet increases peristalsis naturally, ending even chronic constipation. Fiber is a pre-biotic which feeds the helpful flora in the large intestines which eliminate unwanted substances like LDL. Colonics and enemas deeply disturb and even remove this healthy flora, leaving us less able to deal with metabolic toxins. Whole grains, beans, well-cooked greens, frozen fruit, and herbs such as plantain seed and marshmallow root are excellent sources of fiber.

More info on fiber at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/25/high-fiber-foods_n_3983188.html

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