Week of Oct 25, 2016 - Last Flowers of Fall, Part Three

Monday, October 24, 2016 11:07 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

The Last Flowers of Fall at Laughing Rock Farm

Oneothera biennis
The stately evening primrose adds an elegantly hansom note to our bouquet. The first year roots were once so valued as a foodstuff that they were cultivated like carrots. While the leaves and flowers are also edible, I find them tough and rough and rarely add them to my salads.

This patch of white vervain drooping over from the weight of its seeds is covered in a light mauve haze of mold, giving it a ghost-like, ethereal quality.


Although the knapweeds are generally loathed, they could be used for medicine. They are closely related to thistles, and they are generally bitter, suggesting activity in the digestive system. They are related to daisy and echinacea, both of which contain CBD-like pain relievers in their roots. And, of course, we add the frost-proof flowers to our autumn salads.

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