Week of Nov. 8, 2016 - Triple Goddess Vinegar

Thursday, November 10, 2016 9:36 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Triple Goddess Vinegar
A delicious combination of maidenwort, motherwort, and cronewort.
This vinegar is best made as early – or as late – as possible in the winter. Now is good. So is next March. Or anytime in between.

Cronewort (Artemisia vulgaris): Leaves and roots and rhizomes all go in the vinegar jar after a shake or a rinse to remove dirt.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac): Use only young basal leaves; no need to rinse. Avoid older, stalky motherwort for this remedy.

Maidenwort (Stellaria media or S. pubera): The leaves of both the giant chickweed and the small chickweed can be used; no need to rinse unless a rain has muddied them.

  • Fill a jar with roughly equal amounts of fresh, finely-chopped cronewort leaves and roots, young motherwort leaves, and maidenwort leaves.
  • Fill the jar to the top with apple cider vinegar. (For longest-lasting remedies, briefly boil the vinegar and allow it to cool to room temperature before using.)
  • Cover with a non-metal lid; plastic, cork, or glass are the best choices.
  • Label with contents and date.

If you make it this week, it will be ready to use by the end of the year, or for your holiday celebrations.

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