week of December 7 - Report from Down Under, Part 2

Wednesday, December 07, 2016 5:19 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Report from Down Under, Part 2

Look close and you will see a wild turkey. We are way out in the bush in Tellabudgera, at a small dwelling, at the edge of a man-made field.

Planted by that small dwelling is a magnificent elder bush, intertwined with wild morning glories. Scarlett wondered if there were a spring nearby, and I replied “Elder like to keep her feet wet.”

Around a bend and down a bit from the small dwelling is a path along a ridge that my feet said had been walked for thousands of years, perhaps tens of thousands of years. The path takes us to a small natural meadow, guarded by this light-hearted tree.

Perhaps she is tickled by the staghorn ferns on her knee. This tropical fern is widely grown as an ornamental. What a delight to see her at home, in the wild, in her native Australia.

The bush. The forest. The wild (er) places. The places where my heart lives.

There, in the middle of town, this brilliant red tree. Autumn upside down. Not red leaves but red flowers; not fall but spring.

And everywhere I go there are old friends. Inland, in the valleys of the Gold Coast, yellow dock was plentiful. Scarlett and I stopped and discussed their many uses. Then we harvested a basket of wild oats. “Already dried!” I exclaimed with glee. Lucky for us that she had scissors with her. Thank you Scarlett for giving me my only day devoted to seeing Australia. I much prefer to travel by car, taking in the scenery and the greenery that I pass, rather than being flown hither and yon. Imagine! Scarlett is imaging collecting an Australian apprentice group for 2018 or 2019.

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