week of January 10, 2017 - Altars, Part 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 12:21 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Altars, Part 1

In the dark of winter, I light candles. I light candles at my altars.
I seem to have altars all over my house. Everywhere I look there are altars, large and small. Not all of the have candles. Not all of them have a theme. But many do. Here are a few of my altars.

1.    Artemis Altar. Here is some of my collection of Artemis posters and pieces. The climbing green witch seems to fit in with Artemis’s athleticism. Artemis is the goddess of the herbalist. Artemis is the goddess of the moon. Artemis is the wild woman who runs with the wolves, the coyotes, the hounds. Artemis shoots arrows of truth. Artemis is Diana. Artemis is Selene. Artemis is Moon Mother. Artemis is with us when we are giving birth.

2.    Statue of Liberty Altar. After menopause, I was drawn to a new goddess archetype. I still love my first love Artemis, but she seemed less likely to help me with my crone issues. The Statue of Liberty wears a headband (with points!) and welcomes all. She’s my new squeeze (for the past fifteen years) and here’s her lair.

3.    Love Altar. Perhaps the most changeable of all my altars, this little altar sits right beside me, where I write. It reminds me of people and places that I love and that love me too. Here is a box of Goddess matches, a gift from Z Budapest. And a purple gemstone heart that my daughter and granddaughter got for me at Niagara Falls. The little elephant belonged to my mother. There is a worked piece of bone (or antler) from Grandmother Twylah’s land. And a bright green glass turtle my sweetheart gave me last year. A wax goddess figurine from moonlodge. Several guardian fairies. And, of course, various images of Lady Lib: on a knife, a lighter, and a card. Life is such joy.

4.    The Green Witches on the Couch Altar. Can you tell? They are taking over the couch. I remember when three people could sit there. No only two, tightly. Year by year, new green witches come for tea with their cronies and never go home. They are such a cheerful bunch; I love living with them.

5.    The Green Witches on the Counter Altar. After taking over the couch, the green witches made a move on my counter and wrested it from my control. They now wink and giggle and shimmy as I pass by, a constant reminder to enjoy life.

Altars, Part 2

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