week of January 10, 2017 - Altars, Part 2

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 2:40 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Altars, Part 2

6.    Silk Skirt Altar. Because it doesn’t have to have candles or incense or even a statue of the goddess to be an altar. An altar is a scared space, and my silk skirt drawer is as sacred as I can make it.

7.    Bedside Altar. The energy here is old and stable, filled with dreams and magic, charms and cobwebs, goddesses and candles. On this altar every night I burn a beeswax candle for all the people I have met that day that need healing. I often add a candle for personal magic. Right now, my gold candle for a prosperous year is lit.

8.    Jewelry Altar. Ever so much better than hiding the jewels in a box, I began putting necklaces on Tara decades ago, when I was spending time with Pauline Oliveros, and have continued ever since. Can you tell that I love amber? And isn’t that a great photo of me and my guardian angel Keyawis? I miss you my love.

9.    Green Tara Altar. Om Tare. Tu Tare. Ture so ha. (Ohm tah-ray, two tah-ray, two ray so ha.) Tara is the keeper of the green chi force. Tara is the Mother of all Buddas. Tara appears in a rainbow of colors, but her green manifestation is my favorite. (Of course!)

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