Week of February 21, 2017 - Adaptogens - Berries and Mushrooms

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:23 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Beautiful bountiful berries. Buy them frozen for optimum nutrition, or buy them fresh and freeze them before use. Some berries are available dried, too, but watch out, as many are coated in unwholesome oils when dried.

Sumac berry tea is tart and tangy. All red berries and black berries and blue berries are adaptogens, so we vote for sumac as an American adaptogen.

Hard at work making tinctures, teas, and infusions for the video adaptogens course. What a lot of fun I had exploring so many new herbs.

Join us as we cook up a rainbow of mushroom remedies for optimum health. Eating both wild and cultivated mushrooms weekly is one way I stay energetic and free of disease.

Most adaptogens are available as powders. These can be added to foods or just stirred into a cup of hot water for an instant tea. Mushroom powders work exceptionally well as an addition to beans.
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