Week of June 20 - Nettle Nirvana

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 8:24 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Nettle Nirvana

Be careful of the nettle. It is fierce this year. The goats don’t mind, but my ankles do.

Do the goats look like they are getting high from eating nettle? It seems that dried nettle can be smoked for an interesting adventure.

Some of my nettle has pink flowers and dark red stems. Pretty. Is it a variety or just reacting to the full sun that hits it all day?

Here is a great view of nettle flowers, showing why the species name is dioica, which means “in two houses.” The male and female flowers are clearly separate and different, in two houses, in fact. The males do their thing and die, while the females go on to make nettle seed, which we harvest and add to our cooking pot when making rice or oatmeal.

We don’t pick nettle while it is flowering. But we do pick comfrey in flower. Just cut the entire flowering stalk and hang it individually to dry. So lovely.

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