Week of August 20, 2017 - Herb Walk at Clef des Champs, part 2

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 4:11 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Herb Walk at Clef des Champs, part 2

Beautiful Mullein
Mullein is one of the great remedies. It grows just about everywhere except the tropics, and provides the best remedies for anyone dealing with breathing issues.

Yellow thistle
I was struck by the color, the size, and the bees when I approached this planting of thistle. “What an unusual color for a thistle,” I remarked to my guide, Anais. With a chuckle, she admitted that they were surprised too. “We think they sent us the wrong seed. It certainly isn’t milk thistle.” Fortunately for us all, thistles, all thistles, are medicinal, all thistle seeds are medicinal, all thistle roots are edible, all thistle leaves are edible too. Milk thistle has pushed the competition aside mostly because it is so big and easy to work with, but, really, any thistle will do.


This is the flower of Echinacea augustifolia. I could not walk past. I had to sit and drink in the petals as the fluttered in the breeze, like butterflies resting upside down. I depend on echinacea. Ever since I threw over my disappointing relationship with golden seal (which, I noticed, Marie doesn’t grow), and found Kansas coneflower in an old, old herbal, I have trusted my life and the lives of my animals to Echinacea augustifolia. (Not Echinacea purpurea.)

“And look at the stalk,” Anais instructed me. “When it isn’t in flower, you can distinguish the augustifolia from the purpurea by the hairs on the stalk and leaves of the former.

Siberian ginseng
Oops. We aren't supposed to call it that anymore. Now it is Eleuthero (short for Eleutherococcus senticocus). Marie is quite justifiably proud of her accomplishment in growing a stand of this important adaptogen.

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