Ode to Marie - Photo Album, Page 2

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Ode to Marie - Photo Album, Page 2

2001: Workshop and Apprentices

Marie, surrounded by apprentices and workshop students. I may have missed a few names; help me out; I know you will.

In the back, from the left: Julie?, Helen (#207), Deb Red Onion, Marie, Susun, Rachel?, Jackie (#204), Julia?, Peggy hugging Shauna/Astrid (#208), (blue hat)?, Catherine (red hat, #209)

front row: kneeling: Sarah/Featherhawk, who in poncho?, Rachel (#210), Krista (#206)

Leela must be taking the picture. Love to you all.


1999 & 2000: Tender Moments

It wasn’t all cooking and singing and ritual making and teaching and dealing. Marie and I found tender moments to share our hearts. Friends rule! (So does purple!) Knowing Marie for decades has been a continuous blessing in my life and my career. For many years Marie was my official photographer. So the way you see me, the images you see, are the way Marie saw me. I so appreciate her loving gaze. Lady Beauty made me beautiful in every photo.

“When you look into my eyes and see the love there

Shi-uh-i-uh-i-uh-ine (shine with a warble)

Reflection of your own true love

Reflection of your own true love.”

(Words by River)

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