Yarrow Toilette

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Yarrow Toilette
Susun Weed

My bottle of yarrow tincture is so handy when I travel. I use it as a dentifrice, a mouthwash, a skin cleanser and freshener, a toothache remedy, a blemish treatment, an insect repellant, and a wound dressing. I won’t leave home without it.

Fill a jar of any size with freshly-picked white yarrow flowers, stalk and leaves. If you do not have access to flowering yarrow, the leaves are an acceptable substitute. I do not use dried yarrow, as it creates a finished product that is harsh, bitter, and not as effective. Brightly-colored yarrows are richer in volatile oils, and so, unsafe to use.

Chop the yarrow before putting it in the jar. Put in a lot. Really fill the jar, without jamming or bruising the plant material.

Add 100 proof vodka, filling the jar to the brim. Higher proof alcohols are harsh and drying on the skin, as well as being more carcinogenic on the oral tissues. Lower proof alcohols do not do a good job of drawing yarrow’s compounds into solution. Any liquor in North America can order one hundred proof vodka for you if it is not on the shelf.

Cap tightly and label with date.

Decant after a minimum of six weeks. I prefer a spray bottle, but have, on occasion, carried a sprayer full of yarrow as well as two ounces of the tincture.

Green Blessings,
Susun Weed

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