Work Weekend at Wise Woman Center

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 3:55 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Did anyone ever tell you that animals can smell fear?

So can viruses!

I am committed to providing a fear-free environment at The Wise Woman Center where you can get healthy and stay healthy. 

All classes are on. 

All moonlodges are being held. 

All work weekends are proceeding. 

Join us and learn how to stay abundantly well. 

Here is what a work exchange weekend without fear looks like.

It was an ordinary work weekend at Laughing Rock Farm . . . done with care. 

We did not hold hands to sing. We stayed six feet apart. 

We passed a virtual, imaginary talking stick. 

We drank lots of hot comfrey infusion with honey to keep our lungs strong.

Then we picked stinging nettle.

Plenty of room to stay apart, but we could still see each other and talk. I cooked that nettle into a soup with astragalus. Our immune systems were soooo nourished. Since the nettle was boiled, we didn't wash hands first. 

Then we went to our tasks. 

J moved everything from the studio to the deck, swept the studio, swept the deck, and beautified the deck with flags.

R took the truck to the hay storage and brought all remaining bales of hay to the barn.

The couple worked on repairing fences.

Susun replaced rotten wood with bluestone for a fresh look in the gardens.

N watched the goats, swept the goat tower floor, and did numerous small chores .

We did wash our hands before picking salad. Each person picked one plant. 

* chickweed

* onion grass

* garlic mustard

* garlic mustard sprouts

* baby cronewort

* violets

Sunday was a repeat. With some special treats.


We went into the woods to pick wild ramps. Still staying six feet apart. The ramps and some soaked shiitake mushrooms went into the nettle/astragalus soup to increase the immune nourishment. 

I hope you will join me this weekend, cuz there is lots more work to do. 

We are cautious. We are respectful. We are not in fear. 

Green blessings. 

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