Artist Maureen Walton

Saturday, February 13, 2021 2:06 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Artist Maureen Walton

Susun interviews Maureen Walton.
Maureen Walton has worked in many fields of the commercial and fine arts but spent the last 20 years as a professional mural artist focusing on creating in schools at both the elementary and college level. She traveled from her Marysville studio home to paint, from Kingston to Toronto and north to Bancroft. Since 2010 Maureen began to use her artistic skills to draft diagrams, yantras and illustrations of the inspirational messages that come to her of the feminine creation technologies This began in 2008 with her introduction to the Inca Luminous Structure Meditation Yantra . She is also called to express the path and work of the leading women in the Iroquois Peacemaker story. Maureen has two wooded acres with two yurts where she hosts small bi-annual retreats based on this womb teaching, calling in other teachers to collaborate with her. She just retired from her 20 year career of painting freehand murals and is focusing on her retreats. She has always been a feminist with a lot of questions.

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