Find Your Secret Ingredient with Carol S. Batey

Sunday, February 24, 2013 12:38 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Find Your Secret Ingredient with Carol S. Batey



Susun Weed interviews author, speaker and Doctor of Metaphysical, Carol S. Batey

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Carol Batey, Author, Doctor of Metaphysical and Lifestyle Coach is the mother of six children. The author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles. As the author of  “Parents Are Lifesavers” the book supports those educators and parent-leaders who are looking to increase parent involvement! In December 2010 she was featured as an expert for Ebony magazine page 115 for helping children to set goals for the new year.


Her 2nd book, " In Due Season: Destiny's Calling Your Soul" is a recap about the  events that occurred in the past 2 1/2 years as she approached her 50th birthday.

The unwrapping of her soul was unveiled into the person she appears today. Now she is willing to share this inspirational message of reinventing herself with her readers and seekers of personal transformation. Carol faced fibromyaglia and overcome it she shares within this book.

In her sophomore book, “Poise for the Runway of Your Life,” she shares her passions, personal revelations, insights, and victories and how she regained her balance and  poise through her life changes and lessons.

Upon the demise of her twenty-one year marriage and her sole career as a homemaker, she made the conscious choice to embrace and purse the passions of her heart to model, teach metaphysics and write.

Carol’s latest project, that was just released September 2010, is entitled “What’s Cooking in your Soul?” The readers are asked this question because most people don’t take the time to find out.

Carol takes her readers on a journey of introspection that  allows each person to come out with their own SECRET INGREDIENT to their spiritual and personal transformation. This book also features Carol’s one of a kind Vibration Cooking, and recipes! Total healing can be achieved through all of her works.  

Carol’s signature workshops are “Your Destiny Awaits You!”, and “Unlocking Your Potential to Write Books?” “Why Aren’t You Writing?” Carol’s fifth book helps opening up ones potential to write books. Last, Carol just received her Doctoral in Mystical Research. Her latest offering is “Developing a Mystic Consciousness” for those seeking a higher spiritual awakening.

Visit Carol at: www.artlifestylecoach.com



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